Social justice

What is social justice and what does it mean for the teaching of students and professionals in education, social work and sport, health and physical education?

A commitment to social justice is at the heart of all our teaching and learning in the fields of education, social work and sport, health and physical education. But what does social justice mean?

At its simplest it means ensuring fairness and equity of opportunity and supporting people to reach their potential. It also involves striving to remove barriers that disadvantage people.

We asked staff members for their ‘take’ on social justice and its relevance to educators and people working in the community and social sectors. Together we challenge and grow our understanding of social justice through teaching, learning and research. Students are encouraged to explore their own perspectives on social justice and the opportunities it presents.

Dr Mohamed Alansari, School of Learning, Development and Professional Practice

Associate Dean Pasifika Jacoba Matapo, School of Critical Studies in Education

Associate Professor Melinda Webber, Te Puna Wānanga

Associate Professor Jay Marlowe, School of Counselling, Human Services and Social Work

Hear more about social justice from Dr Mohamed Alansari at the What is social justice?  lecture on Open Day, Saturday 31 August, 12.20pm in OGGB4 (Level 0, Sir Owen G Glen Building). Find out more about Open Day.