PReSS accounts

Learn more about the University’s doctoral financial support programme, and how to make approved purchases and claim reimbursement during your study with us.

Postgraduate Research Student Support

All University of Auckland doctoral students receive an annual stipend which is paid into a PReSS account. Funding is credited on an annual basis for up to four years full-time (or pro-rata for part-time). The stipend is intended to help cover direct research costs.

PReSS funding expenditure

Please see below the steps you should take for using your PReSS Funds.

1. Gain Approval for spending PReSS Funds

Approval for research costs

Before using your PReSS funds, you must first seek approval from the appropriate approver. Please review the PReSS Account Policy and Procedures to determine if PReSS will cover your requested item, and who should be the approver. Note the $1000 limit on proof reading spending. You only need either a Wahapū approval or an email approval from the supervisor. 

Please note that where PReSS funding is expended towards operational research costs covered by the policy, only supervisor approval is needed.

When Wahapū approval is needed, for Doctoral candidates whose candidature is managed in Wahapū, students should submit their PReSS fund expenditure request as follows:

  1. You apply for approval for the expense via Wahapū home > Thesis page > PReSS. You can attach your supervisor's memo if you have it already, or your
    supervisor can provide a statement as part of their approval. 
  2. When approved by the appropriate person/Office (supervisor or SGS), then you can screenshot the page request when the ‘approved’ comment is visible, and use it as part of the payment request.

For Doctoral candidates whose candidature is not managed in Wahapū (i.e. Doctor of Education EdD students), requests must be submitted via email to the approver specified in the relevant clause(s) of the PReSS Account Policy and Procedures. In such cases:

  • Where Dean of Graduate Studies approval is required, the supervisor should forward the request and their support to the School of Graduate Studies.
  • Where Academic Head or Associate Dean (Postgraduate Research) approval is required, the supervisor should forward the request and their support to the relevant authority.

Note: Approval in Wahapū is not the same as an actioned claim for funds. Once your request is approved, you must next submit a request to use the funds, with your approval as one piece of the request.

Approval for travel expenses

All travel, including car hire, must be booked through the University of Auckland preferred supplier Orbit. You can do your own bookings online or through your preferred travel agent, but then you cannot claim the expense from your PReSS account. More information is available here:

Organising travel with Orbit

Quick Guide to travel booking with Orbit

2. Claim PReSS Funds

You can only claim expenses if the purchase was approved by your supervisor or other approver in line with relevant University policies and guidelines. Please contact your supervisor if you have any questions. You MUST include the following with your claim:

a. Evidence of current press account balance (contact your group services administrator if needed.

b. Evidence of supervisor approval

c. Graduate office approval – only where necessary (i.e. for editing costs).

For EDSW doctoral students, your PReSS account code is 9444 + your user name/UPI.

Doctoral students can claim their PReSS funds in one of two ways:

a.      Pay directly and request reimbursement of costs through Concur.

b.      Make a purchase request charged to their PReSS account via the Shared Transaction Centre (STC).

2a. How to claim reimbursement from PReSS accounts through Concur

If a student has used their own funds on behalf of the University for a business purpose, they may claim reimbursement for the expenses incurred (subject to PReSS Account Policy and Procedures). All claims for reimbursement for New Zealand goods and services must be accompanied by the official GST receipt Administration of payments or reimbursement for PReSS account spending is managed locally by teams located in the Faculty.

For a first claim, doctoral students must first complete the following steps to access the University’s expense reimbursement system - Concur

a)      Log into Student Services Online

b)      Go to the Personal Bank Account section

c)      Enter the NZ bank account into which the payment will be deposited.

NB: Access is automatically granted to Concur within two (2) business days, subject to bank account details entered by 6pm.

When the student has access to Concur, then the student can submit a reimbursement request. More information is here: 

Claiming from your PReSS account

Concur: Quick Guide for Student Reimbursement

2b. How to make a Standard Purchase Request charged to your PReSS account through the Shared Transaction Centre (STC)

A doctoral candidate can request direct payment from the PReSS account – such as for travel or larger expenses such as proofreading costs. Note the $1000 limit on proofreading. See ‘Approval for travel expenses’ above.

The Shared Transaction Centre (STC) coordinates purchase requests and payments for the University. Doctoral students can make Standard Purchase Requests from STC via the Standard Purchase Order Request. More information is here: How to submit a Standard Purchase Request.

Standard requests are processed by the STC within three working days (on
receipt of the mandatory information required).

The STC team are available via:

Approved Proofreaders

Some doctoral candidates may wish to have their thesis proofread by a professional. In exceptional circumstances, you may be eligible to use your PReSS funds for this purpose.

This request must be supported by your supervisor and approved by SGS via Wahapū before you engage the proofreader’s services or make any payments.

To use PReSS funds to have your doctoral thesis proofread, you must use a proofreader who is approved by the School of Graduate Studies. The proofreaders on our List of Approved Proofreaders have provided good
references for recent proofreading work.

The School of Graduate Studies has no formal association with those listed and takes no responsibility for the work that they undertake for you. Any work they do for you must comply with the University’s Third Party Editing and Proofreading of Theses and Dissertations Guidelines.

Please note: to be added to the list of approved proofreaders, the professional will need to meet the University’s Procurement Policy requirements to become an approved supplier of goods and services to the University of Auckland. See the Procurement Policy

To view the list of current Approved Proofreaders and guidance on how to apply for PReSS-funded proofreading, visit Staff Intranet: Approved Proofreaders.