PReSS accounts

Learn more about the University’s doctoral financial support programme, and how to claim reimbursement during your study with us.

Postgraduate Research Student Support (PReSS)

All University of Auckland doctoral students receive an annual stipend which is paid into a PReSS account. Funding is credited on an annual basis for up to four years full-time (or pro-rata for part-time). The stipend is intended to help cover direct research costs.

How to claim reimbursement from PReSS accounts

  1. Fill out your expense details on the EDSW-21 PReSS Account Reimbursement Form (or log in to the staff intranet to access the form EDSW-21).
  2. The form should be signed by you and your supervisor.
  3. A bank account number and a printed copy of a Deposit Slip or Header Bank Statement must be provided with EVERY reimbursement claim, along with all receipts and a copy of your PReSS account balance. Please combine all information into one document and email to the Finance Department (Epsom Campus) at