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Professor Rainer Bromme
Professor Rainer Bromme from the University of Münster, Germany


The group runs a dedicated internal seminar series which provides opportunities for participants to explore the logics of inquiry in research and interrogate different epistemologies and methodologies. The current series is particularly tailored to postgraduate students and staff who are interested in research methodology and methods.

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Professor Gavin T L Brown

View Professor Gavin T L Brown's  seminar about trends in student motivation profiles in TIMSS Mathematics across 20 years.

Recent visitors

Professor Patricia Alexander
University of Maryland

Professor Rainer Bromme
University of Münster, Germany

Professor Tony Bryk
Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Learning

Professor Dennis McInerney
Hong Kong University of Education

Professor Reinhard Pekrun
University of Munich

Professor Matt Sanders
University of Queensland

Professor Guillermo Solano-Flores
Stanford University

Professor Rhona Weinstein
University of California – Berkeley

Professor Frank Worrell
University of California – Berkeley