Study pathways

The Liberal Arts programme offers a useful pathway for students who want to focus on psychological studies in education and social work.

Deputy Principal Frank Tasi

The table below displays a pathway that Bachelor of Arts (BA) students who are interested in psychological studies in education and social work can take. Students who major in Education within the BA are required to do at least two of these courses at Stage I, two at Stage II, and four at Stage III, and a total of nine Education courses overall.

  Stage I
EDUC 115 Introduction to Child and Adolescent Development
EDUC 117 Teaching and Learning: An Educational Psychology
EDUC 121 How People Learn
  Stage II
EDUC 200 Youth Mentoring
EDUC 221 Child Development
EDUC 223 Educational Psychology
EDUC 224 Assessment and Evaluation in Education
  Stage III
EDUC 316 Gifted Education
EDUC 323 Contemporary Topics in Educational Psychology
EDUC 341 Introduction to Counselling in the Community
EDUC 348 The Reading Process
EDUC 351 The Social Psychology of the Classroom
EDUC 352 Adolescence
EDUC 380 Methods of Research in Education

Students may also be interested in taking courses from the Community Service in Youth Development module within the BA. This module is targeted towards students undertaking a BA in Education and includes a strong psychological component.

Students who have completed a BA in Education can usually transition easily into either the BA (Honours) or the MA in Education. BA in Education students who have taken courses from the suite described above typically enter their postgraduate studies well prepared for further study and research in psychological studies. Students who have also taken courses in the School of Psychology will find the added content and experience beneficial for their postgraduate studies.

At the postgraduate level, courses are designed to support the development of higher degree research capability. Postgraduate courses with an emphasis on psychological studies in education and social work are listed below. Doctoral students may be assigned courses from this suite or from courses offered in the School of Psychology or Department of Statistics in their provisional year.

  Postgraduate courses
EDUC 706 Measurement and Advanced Statistics
EDUC 735 Researching Educational Settings
EDUC 741 Educational Psychology
EDUC 742 Developmental Psychology
EDUC 747 Leadership in Youth Development
EDUC 755 Social Psychology of the Classroom

Recommended research methods courses offered in the School of Psychology and Department of Statistics

  School of Psychology
PSYCH 208 Producing Psychological Knowledge
PSYCH 306 Research Methods in Psychology
PSYCH 743 Critical Qualitative Research
PSYCH 744 Experimental Design and Quantitative Methods for
  Department of Statistics
STATS 101 Introduction to Statistics
STATS 201 Data Analysis
STATS 302 Applied Multivariate Analysis
STATS 330 Statistical Modelling