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November 2022

Vol 23, Issue 2 2021

Editorial: "Issues of care in early childhood education and care contexts" by Justine O'Hara Gregan and Kiri Gould

"Exploring the extraordinary within 'ordinary' caring in early childhood teaching with infants and toddlers from a posthumanist perspective" by Alison Warren (peer reviewed)

"Love and care in early childhood education: A literature review" by Geoff Taggart (peer reviewed)

"Reconnecting with Froebel's principles: Enriching infant-toddler pedagogies of care in Aotearoa New Zealand" by Maria Cooper and Jean Rockel (peer reviewed)

"Respectful attuned attachment relationships and care: Facilitating connections in everyday interactions in Australian early childhood education and care settings" by Katherine Bussey. Bronwyn Peryman and Shaila Martinez (peer reviewed)

"Co-authoring care narratives through a wholeness approach" by Gloria Quiñones and Maria Cooper (peer reviewed)

Voices from the field - Caterpilar Kids: Enacting a pedagogy of respect and care

The First Years Journal interview series: ECE leader Claire Jongepier

Book review: "Affective early childhood pedagogy for infant-toddlers" by Gloria Quiñones, Liang Li and Avis Ridgway, reviewed by Jen Boyd

Book review: "Respect and relationships. A practitioner's guide to secure connections in early childhood education" by Toni Christie, reviewed by Jean Rockel

Vol 23 Issue 1 2021

Editorial: "An accidental alignment of focus: Contemplating the significance of culture in infant-toddler education and care" by Maria Cooper

"Wai Koiora: Reclaiming, reframing and realising Māori knowings in Early Childhood Education" by Lesley Rameka, Te Aroha Puru, and Tracy Ani Rikihana (peer-reviewed)

"Reflections on Touch and a Pedagogy of Care: An Asian Perspective" by Janelle Chung

"The experiences of families of children living with disability in New Zealand Playcentres" by Gretchen Good (peer-reviewed)

"Reflecting on the 'capable' child during conflict moments: challenging your mindset" by Heidi Panchartek

"Balancing two minds: Parent and Teacher" by Amber Pates (peer-reviewed)

"The First Years Journal interview series: ECE leader Malo Taeao"

Book review: “Love builds Brains” by Jean Clinton, review by Jean Rockel

Book review: The work of the eyes/iii’s: "Sean Sturm on Seeing the World through Children’s Eyes" by Sean Sturm

Vol 22, Issue 1 2020

Editorial: "He waka eke noa: The significance of everyday leadership in times of change" by Guest Editor Justine O‘Hara-Gregan and Maria Cooper

“We had to keep fighting”: The legacy of Beverley Morris (1923-2019) by Sue Stover

"A tuakana-teina model across the infant-toddler rooms: Nurturing a culture of peer mentoring for teachers" by Shirlene Murphy

"Internal Transitions – Our Learning Journey" by Antonia Fletcher

"Leadership development as a bus journey: Making sense of life experiences from childhood to adulthood" by Louise Gorst

"Mentoring and Leadership – Applying an Educaring® Lens" by Helen Lye

"Experiences of leadership: reflections from a provisionally certificated teacher" by Sophie Moskowitz

"The First Years Journal interview series: ECE leader Tina Tacken"

"Book Review: For women and children: A tribute to Geraldine McDonald" by Chris Jenkins

Volume 22, Issue 2, 2020

Editorial: "What can we learn about working with infants, toddlers and their families from the lockdown experience?" By Kiri Gould

"The Beautiful Interruption of Teaching: Attention to others and wellbeing in post-COVID-19 lockdown" by Andrea Delaune 

"Coming together in a time of uncertainty" by Jen Boyd in collaboration with BestStart Palmerston North, Helensville Montessori, Magic Garden, Te Anau Playcentre and Tots’ Corner

"Seven Lockdown Lessons - What can we learn from the experience of a pandemic?"

"What I learned from lockdown: the benefits of ditching the schedule and reconnecting with routine" by Alexandra C. Gunn 

"The Covid-19 crisis gave rise to some benefits for infants and toddlers in care. But will our learning from it be squandered?" By Sarah Alexander

"The Good the Bad and the Ugly" By Jean Rockel

"What we learned from West Auckland community-based ECE centres" by Catherine Powell

"Reforming Early Childhood Education in a post-Covid New Zealand" by Caitlin Neuwelt-Kearns and Jenny Ritchie

"What does it mean to be homeschooling during a pandemic with infants and toddlers?" By Vicki Hargraves

"Never let a good crisis go to waste" by Sue Stover

"Lockdown bears win hearts during lockdown" by Carol Mutch

"Love and Infants: A Murdochian Perspective" by Andrea Delaune

"Notes on a pandemic - experiences from other places"

"Childminder practice in England: ‘catching up’ with infants and toddlers after lockdown" by Nikki Fairchild, Bridget Brown and Chloe Webster

"Adapting, Naturally: The Potential of Outdoor Learning in New York City in the Era of Covid-19" by Debby Andita Gandasaputra and Lacey Peters

"Reflections on Covid-19: Metro-Melbourne perspectives" by Lauren Clark, Jeanette Clarkin-Phillips & Sonja Arndt

"Childhood Ecologies in COVID19: Episodic Memories of Leading and Mothering" by Karen Malone

"COVID Opportunity Spaces for Infants in ECEC: (A Reflective reconfiguration)" by E. Jayne White, Fiona Westbrook & Bridgette Redder (with teachers and families)

"‘LET’S GET MOVING’: Commentary on a political opinion piece" by Carmen Dalli, Helen May and Anne Meade 

Book Review: "Politics In the Playground. The World of Early Childhood in Aotearoa New Zealand" (3rd edition). By Kiri Gould

Volume 21, Issue 2, 2019


"Early Childhood Education, Infants and Toddlers, and the Wellbeing Budget" by Marek Tesar and Maria Cooper

"Transitions as opportunities: Teaching practices to support major transitions for infants and toddlers" by Karyn Aspden, Linda Clarke & Tara McLaughlin (peer reviewed)

"Challenging notions of leadership in infant-toddler settings: My personal and professional journey" by Maria Cooper

"Plug in baby? The Digital Technology and Hangarau Matihiko curriculum and nga tau tuatahi/the first years" by Andrew Gibbons and Ricardo Sosa

"Highlights and reflections from Macquarie University’s 3rd Infant and Toddler Conference"
by Amanda White

"The First Years Journal interview series : ECE leader Shirlene Murphy Book review: Mind that child: a medical memoir" by Justine O’Hara-Gregan

Volume 21, Issue 1, 2019


"The infant toddler landscape 20 years on: Where have we got to?" by Maria Cooper and Marek Tesar

"The First Years Ngā Tau Tuatahi’s 40th issue: Guest editorial: Twenty years later"
by Jean Rockel

"The First Years Ngā Tau Tuatahi’s 40th issue: Reflections on the changing landscape of infant and toddler education" Reflections by Enid Elliot, Margaret Sims, Helen May, Norah Fryer, Lorraine Sands, Sue Stover, Jayne White and Sandy Farquhar

"Respecting and re-thinking children’s interests: Insights into children’s identity formation" by Helen Hedges

"Emotional labour in ECE leadership: Examining the experiences of teacher-leaders"
by Natalie Donald

"Saving time with efficient planning and assessment practices for infants and toddlers"
by Rene Novak

"Spirituality, positive emotion and well-being" by Ashley Gullap Jerry

“Dance is liberation ... resistance ... politics ...” : A conversation with Adrienne Sansom
By Maria Cooper (with commentary by Helen Hedges)

Volume 20, Issue 2, 2018


“New Zealand’s First Baby: Infants, politics, and the United Nations” by Marek Tesar and Maria Cooper

“Key teaching (primary caregiving?) practices during infant transitions to ECEC in Aotearoa New Zealand” by Jayne White, Kat Hansen, Kathryn Hawkes, Bridgette Redder, Waveney Lord, and Nikita Perks

“Supporting families and fostering child development: Institutions for infants and toddlers in Germany” by Helen Knauf

“Teachers’ perspectives on how to support and promote toddlers’ learning during peer conflicts” by Linda Clarke, Karyn Aspden, and Tara McLaughlin

“Child-centered play therapy strategies for promoting self-regulation in children with developmental disabilities” by Aleksandra Gosteva and Dean Sutherland

“Decolonising infant and toddler pedagogy in Aotearoa”. Reflections by Maria Cooper, Rachel Hughes, and Emma Quigan

The First Years Journal interview series: ECE leader Lorraine Manuela

Book reviews:

“Cup: A vibrant vessel of learning and creativity”. Reviewed by Lesley Pohio

“Studying babies and toddlers: Relationships in cultural contexts”. Reviewed by Maria Cooper

“Under-three year olds in policy and practice”. Reviewed by Jean Rockel

Volume 20, Issue 1, 2018


“O le tātou itulagi i totonu o Aotearoa: Our life-worlds within New Zealand” by Vaovasamanaia Meripa Toso and Jacoba Matapo

“Akiaki te tii o te tamaiti i roto i te taiao tūturu Māori. Nurture the indescribable light of the child” by Karen Liley

Poem: “Weaving Te Whāriki” by Jacoba Matapo

“Suli, Tofi, Feagaiga, Gafa, and Faalupega: Nurturing and protectorate role of faasamoa for Samoan children” by Fa’asaulala Tagoilelagi-Leota (Pafitimai Sāla)

“A Tongan pedagogy of Play” by Jeanne Teisina

“Pasifika imagery: Spirit of the collective” by Jacoba Matapo

“Tau tufuga Niue contextualising arts in the early years within Aotearoa New Zealand” by Susana Smith

Poem: “Pasifika pedagogy” by Peta Winchester Ravlich

“Culturally responsive and relational pedagogy: Insights into sibling relationships” by Manutai Leaupepe

“Image: Heuristic itulagi” by Meripa Toso

Volume 19, Issue 2, 2017


“Te Whāriki on the top shelves of early childhood centres in Aotearoa New Zealand” by Maria Cooper and Marek Tesar

“Reflecting on our aspiration statement: Competent, confident, and capable infants and toddlers” by Helen Hedges

“A new ‘wonderland’?” by Jean Rockel

“Te Whāriki 2017: What’s new for our infants, toddlers, kaiako, and whānau?” by Toni Christie

“What opportunities and questions does the new Te Whāriki present for teachers of infants and toddlers, and infants and toddlers themselves?”

by various commentators

“The power of a book to stimulate mathematical thinking” by Pamela Perger (peer reviewed)

“Shaking off the cloak of ‘certainty’ and embracing ethical dilemmas in baby rooms research” by Sacha Powell and Kathy Goouch (peer reviewed)

“Toddler collaborative story-making through pretend play” by Amanda Bateman and Bryndis Gunnarsdottir (peer reviewed)

Book reviews:

“Rituals: Making the everyday extraordinary in early childhood” Reviewed by Kiri Jaquiery

“Teachers voyaging in plurilingual seas: Young children learning through more than one language” Reviewed by Jacoba Matapo

Volume 19, Issue 1, 2017


Infants and toddlers in the new Whāriki: People, places, and things by Marek Tesar and Maria Cooper

“Sustaining languages, cultures, and secure relationships”: A message of hope from early childhood advocate Nola Harvey by Maria Cooper with commentary by Helen Hedges

“Everywhere the sky.” Learning to listen in order to see, research and partner with children: Some rhizomatic adventures by Deborah Thomas (peer reviewed)

A walk in the park? Teachers’ attitudes towards excursions with infants and toddlers by Joanne Mair (peer reviewed)

Reflecting on research: Learning to tune in for respectful practice by Michelle Harding (peer reviewed)

What do quality outcomes for infants and toddlers have to do with effective leadership? by Gaynor Clarke and Mary-Liz Broadley (peer reviewed)

A quality framework for early childhood practices in service for children under three by Jayne White

with a response from Tara McLaughlin, Karyn Aspden, and Linda Clarke

‘Voices from the field’ - research update : Mina Badiei - University of Auckland, Kylie Smith - Manukau Institute of Technology, Susan Widger - Whitireia New Zealand

Book review: Young children playing: Relational approaches to emotional learning in early childhood settings reviewed by Fabiana Nasciutti and Shayne Hinton

with a response from Sophie Alcock

Volume 18, Issue 2, 2016

Editorial by Marek Tesar and Maria Cooper

“Seeing the dragons on the horizon”: Advocating for early childhood education with Barbara Backshall.
By Maria Cooper with commentary by Helen Hedges

Parent-teacher partnership: New complexities for an old aspiration.
By Angel Chan and Jenny Ritchie

A glimpse into toddlers’ learning places: Tensions and potentials in Swedish preschool.
By Susanne Westman & Eva Alerby

Hearing the voices of parents as they begin using early childhood services for their infants.
By Helen Lane and Sujatha Gomathinayagam

Seeking intensity and potentiality in infant and toddler programmes.
By Vicki Hargraves

Voices from the field – research update

Book review: “Magic places: The adults’ guide to young children’s creative art work”.
Reviewed by Jean Rockel

Volume 18, Issue 1, 2016

By Marek Tesar and Maria Cooper

Tribute to Emeritus Professor Anne Smith.
By Nicola Taylor

Honouring Professor Helen May.
By Val Podmore

“Everybody can sing”: In conversation with Lynne Anderson.
By Maria Cooper with commentary by Helen Hedges

The human touch: A pedagogy of love and humour.
By Carol Wallace Bateman

Preparing for the first relationships.
By Heidi Panchartek

Research note: Belonging - a new design method to create outdoor environments for babies and toddlers.
By Matt Stapleton

“I can create too”: Painting with infants and toddlers.
By Yvonne Zhou

Love vs. Professionalism? Examining the controversy.
By Joy Bruce

Personality Diversity.
By Ali Coleman – peer reviewed

Connection: The beating heart that drives learning.
By Lorraine Sands - peer reviewed

Voices from the field

Book review: Learning about objects in infancy.
Reviewed by Sandra Cheeseman​

Volume 17, Issue 2, 2016

By Marek Tesar

ERO 2015 Report on Infants and Toddlers in Aotearoa New Zealand: Commentaries from the Field
By Jean Rockel, Jennifer Sumsion, Carmen Dalli, Andrew Gibbons, E. Jayne White.

“Through the Other’s look I live myself”: Power relations and the infant-toddler curriculum
By Dianne Akast

Learning from toddlers
By Maria Cooper

Re-visioning love and care in early childhood: Constructing the future of our profession
By Carmen Dalli

Attending to our emotions
By Enid Elliot

Sao fa’alalelei: “Before you were born I knew you” - Respecting the born and the unborn
By Meaola Amituanai-Toloa

Transition within an early childhood centre: The construction of children’s identities
By Rosina Merry

Poipoia te tamaiti kia tu tangata: Identity, belonging and transition
By Jenny Ritchie and Cheryl Rau

Through their lens: An inquiry into non-parental education and care of infants and toddlers
By Janis Carroll-Lind

Book review: Introducing dialogic pedagogy: Provocations for the early years
Reviewed by John Roder & Slavica Jovanovic

Volume 17, Issue 1, 2015

Editorial: Looking back and moving forward
By Maria Cooper and Marek Tesar

“Be ethical and political”: A call for teachers from Diti Hill
By Maria Cooper with commentary by Helen Hedges

Language of the body
By Jean Rockel and Adrienne Sansom – peer reviewed

A day in the life of Rose
By Marek Tesar and Sandy Farquhar – peer reviewed

By Justine O’Hara-Gregan – peer reviewed

Curriculum for very young children
By Maria Cooper, Daniel Lovatt, and Helen Hedges

Immigrant toddlers: Narrating toddler foreignness in early childhood education in Aotearoa New Zealand
By Sonja Arndt - peer reviewed

Rethinking risk taking in the playground
By Yvonne Taylor – peer reviewed

Voices from the field

Book Review: Dealing with Emotions
Reviewed by Sonja Arndt

Volume 16, Issue 2, 2014

Editorial: Fifteen years and beyond
By Jean Rockel

A champion for ‘People Under Three’: A tribute to Lyn Foote 1945-2014
Co-ordinator of Early Childhood Programmes, University of Otago College of Education
By Helen May

“Remember the babies!”: An interview with Jean Rockel
By Maria Cooper

The three early childhood education P’s – parents, participation and partnership: New and old considerations (Inaugural Professorial Lecture)
By Judith Duncan

Ethics of Care – Rethinking relationships in early childhood education and care programs
By Jane Page

Perspectives on personal philosophies of three early childhood student teachers
By Jean Rockel and Diti Hill

“It’s like stepping into a new world”: Professional learning and transformation of pedagogy
By Lesley Robinson (peer reviewed)

Being in sync: Strategies to support centres’ retention of childcare teachers
By Jessie Jovanovic (peer reviewed)

‘Understanding children’ x 5: A personal reflection on an evolving ECE text
By Sue Stover

Book Review: Ideas for play: Literacy
Reviewed by Anne Grey

Volume 16, Issue 1, 2014

Editorial: ‘Times they are a-changin’
By Jean Rockel

Norah Fryer: A pioneer of early infant-toddler care in New Zealand. Part 2 – the care and education of children under two years
Interviewed by Jean Rockel

Voices from the field
Compiled by Norah Fryer

Mā te tuakana te teina e tōtika ai, mā te teina anō te tuakana e tōtika ai: Tuakana and teina learning from one another
By Martine Fremaux and Karen Liley (peer reviewed)

Living differently – an insight from Chennai, India, with kind regards
By Jocelyn Wright

Belonging and togetherness: Toddlers’ use of playful rituals
By Anita Mortlock (peer reviewed)

The lead-up to initiating an action research project “Self-Transition for Toddlers”: A series of questions
By Helen Stewart MacKenzie (peer reviewed)

‘Nature’ and curriculum: A position paper
By Jan Beatson and Sue Stover (peer reviewed)

‘Uninterrupted play’: Exploring the complexity of teacher interaction in early childhood settings
By Susan Widger (peer reviewed)

Book Review: The Relationship Worlds of Infants and Toddlers
Reviewed by Maria Cooper

Volume 15, Issue 2, 2013

Time for play and re-creation?
Editorial by Jean Rockel

Norah Fryer: A pioneer of early infant-toddler care in New Zealand: Part 1 - How do we learn?
Interviewed by Jean Rockel

Group size in infant and toddler settings: Old news in a new context calls for new research
by Carmen Dalli and Ann Pairman

To 'be' or not to ‘be’: Is that the question in infant play?
by Jayne White, Bridgette Redder & Mira Peter

Including dance and diversity in early childhood settings
by Sujatha Gomathinayagam

A handmade venture: Exploring the possibilities of sewing, storage and play
by Ali Coleman

Insights into teacher education programmes from birth to three years in Australia
by Susanne Garvis and Narelle Lemon

To buy or not to buy: A personal reflection on ‘2nd editions’
Book review by Sue Stover

Volume 15, Issue 1, 2013

Editorial: Swings or roundabouts? Re-visiting changing views of care and education in the first years
By Jean Rockel

Sharing ideas about ‘care as curriculum’: Teachers’ voices
By Katherine Bussey (peer reviewed)

Spirituality: The neglected element of holistic infant-toddler pedagogy
By Samantha Burn (peer reviewed)

Self-regulation and mental health
By Stuart Shanker (Reprinted with permission of author)

Doing, becoming and belonging online: A new approach to infant-toddler teacher professional learning
By Justine Mason

In the Land of Opportunity: Pondering on children’s ears and mother-tongues in early childhood
By Pennie Brownlee

The impact of a home library service for babies: Where to begin?
By Miriam Anderson (peer reviewed)

Respect: An ‘aha’ moment
By Cecelia Clarke

Between two worlds: A teacher-educator’s reflection on the RIE Foundation course
By Joanna Williamson

An issue of sustainability: A teacher reflection on making choices
By Meg Moss

Book review: Books for babies
Reviewed by Nola Harvey

Volume 14, Issue 2, 2012

Editorial: How can we match the 'cleverness' of infants?
by Jean Rockel

Marie Bell: Much more than "a good woman" 1922-2012
by Carmen Dalli

Infants' and toddlers' interests and inquiries: Being attentive to non-verbal communication
by Maria Cooper, Helen Hedges, Linda Ashurst, Bianca Harper, Daniel Lovatt and Trish Murphy (peer reviewed)

"Ma te huruhuru ka rere: Birds require feathers to fly"
by Lesley Rameka and Rita Walker (peer reviewed)

A study of teachers' work in providing quality care and education for infants and toddlers
by Anne Meade, Margaret Stuart and Joanna Williamson (peer reviewed)

Pedagogical companionship: supporting the thinking of others
by Robyn Lawrence (peer reviewed)

Supporting young children to grow up healthy in spirit: The importance of spirituality in relationships
by Susan Batchelar, Helen Hedges and Mavis Haigh (peer reviewed)

Teachers as agents of change: A reflection on the hemispheric differences of New Zealand and Mexico
by Jean Rockel

Book Review. A childhood psychology: Young children in changing times
Reviewed by Janis Carroll-Lind

Volume 14, Issue 1, 2012

Editorial: To be inspired
by Jean Rockel

"Let the infant play by himself as well."
by Anna Tardos

Reconceptualising child observation: Prioritising subjectivity
by Sophie Alcock (peer reviewed)

"Through the Other's look I live myself": Power relations and the infant-toddler curriculum
by Dianne Akast (peer reviewed)

Tots, toddlers and TV: The potential harm
by Keryn O'Neill and Anthea Springford

Possums or possibilities: Pondering children, culture and cultural imports
by Pennie Brownlee

Quality of commitment: A commentary
By Donna Bregmen

Friend, psychologist, anthropologist, educator, attachment promoter and parent-child advocate: A life celebrated and remembered
by Kim Powell

A DVD review: Why the early years count
Reviewed by Bev Trim

Book review. Being with infants and toddlers: A curriculum that works for caregivers by Beverly Kovach & Susan Patrick
Reviewed by Janet Gonzalez-Mena

Volume 13, Issue 2, 2011

Guest editorial: Participation and perspectives in infant-toddler research
By Sheila Degotardi

Firsthand learning through intent participation: Aidan's morning in an early childhood setting
By Helen Hedges (peer reviewed)

Mac: A contributor to the curriculum
By Alison Stephenson (peer reviewed)

Eyes wide open: How teachers of infants and toddlers recognise learning
By Carmen Dalli and Keryn Doyle (peer reviewed)

Play and pedagogy: Risk-taking with friends
By Jean Rockel (peer reviewed)

Being a community: A relationship-focused pedagogy for infants and toddlers
By Iris Duhn (peer reviewed)

From greetings to meetings: How infant peers welcome and accommodate a newcomer into their group
By Sheila Degotardi (peer reviewed)

Meetings, greetings and the role of the broader social context: A response
By Emma Pearson (peer reviewed)

A spark of meaning
By Jayne White (peer reviewed)

Infants' lives in childcare: Crafting research evidence
By Joy Goodfellow, Sheena Elwick, Tina Stratigos, Jennifer Sumsion, Fran Press, Linda Harrison, Sharynne McLeod and Ben Bradley (peer reviewed)

The research process: A journey of discovery
By Katherine Bussey and Ania Wojcikowski

Volume 13, Issue 1, 2011

Editorial: The next decade?
By Jean Rockel

Guest editorial: The resilient spirit of community
By Viv Shearsby

Theory as story: An invitation to engage with the ideas that nourish practice
By Diti Hill (peer reviewed)

Under three and free - nature play for children in early childhood centres
By Sally Groenhart (peer reviewed)

What does 'respect' mean for infants and toddlers in early childhood centres?
By Toni Christie (peer reviewed)

Advocating for infants' rights in early childhood education
By Sarah Te One (peer reviewed)

A position piece - Do "we 'do' Pikler"?
By Helen Stewart MacKenzie

A position piece - The 'business' of disability: Tensions, responsibilities and challenges in a market model of early childhood education and care
By Lesley Lyons (peer reviewed)

Spirituality as a philosophy of practice with implications for very young children: A Samoan perspective
By Meripa Toso (peer reviewed)

Through their lens: An inquiry into non-parental education and care of infants and toddlers
By Janis Carroll-Lind

Review of Quality early childhood education for under-two-year-olds: What should it look like? A Literature Review: Report to the Ministry of Education, 2011
By Prof. Anne B. Smith

Book review: Respect: A practitioner's guide to calm and nurturing infant care and education
Reviewed by Anne Meade

Book review: Program planning for infants
Reviewed by Anne Grey

Raising children to grow great parents - A DVD and TV series - Producer, Jude Dodson

Volume 12, Issue 2, 2010

Guest editorial: A gathering place
By Viv Shearsby

Where children come first: Queensland's Creche and Kindergarten Association
By Kim Davis (peer reviewed)

Hunting the Snark: The elusive nature of play
By Sue Stover, Jayne White, Jean Rockel and Meripa Toso (peer reviewed)

It's all about relationships: Infant and toddler pedagogy
By Raewyne Bary (peer reviewed)

Being professional: First, do no harm!
By Suzie Gailer

Where is the love? Putting love at the heart of early childhood teaching
By Rachel Hughes (peer reviewed)

Getting to know you: The art of settling
By Pennie Brownlee

"And who will be my child's special teacher?"
By the Greerton Early Childhood teaching team: Sharon Barrett, Karen Fowler, Karen Hose and Lorraine Sands

Toddlers and Maths: Fact, fiction or just fun?
By Shiree Lee (peer reviewed)

Volume 12, Issue 1, 2010

Editorial: Whose interests are being served?
By Jean Rockel

The Wellington Infant and Toddler Teachers’ Network: An insider’s perspective
By Keryn Doyle (peer reviewed)

Slowing down to catch up with infants and toddlers: A reflection on aspects of a questioning culture of practice
By Lorraine Sands and Jo Weston (peer reviewed)

Poipoia te tamaiti kia tū tangata: Identity, belonging and transition
By Jenny Ritchie and Cheryl Rau (peer reviewed)

The right to belong? Gay mothers and their families in infant and toddler education
By Debora Lee (peer reviewed)

Through the kaleidoscope: Relationships and communication with parents
By Helen Hedges (peer reviewed)

Reconceptualising age groupings in early childhood care and education: Under-twos, over-twos or all in together?
By Justine O’Hara-Gregan (peer reviewed)

Infant-toddler group programmes and new early childhood curriculum documents in Australia
By Berenice Nyland (peer reviewed)

Book review: Perspectives on early childhood education: Āta kitea te pae – scanning the horizon
By Helen Aitken

Volume 11, Issue 2, 2009

Editorial: New directions
By Jean Rockel

Sao fa’alalelei: “Before you were born I knew you” – Respecting the born and the unborn
By Dr. Meaola Amituanai-Toloa

Keeping a-breast of it: Raising a breastfeeding-consciousness in care and education
By Anita Mortlock (peer reviewed)

“You can’t play peek-a-boo on your tummy”
By Anne Falkner

The Triple P-Positive Parenting Programme and early childhood education
By Cassandra Dittman and Matthew Sanders (peer reviewed)

“Aniwaniwa” to “babyBEings”: Reflections on growing with new philosophies – from a playgroup to parent-infant classes
By Fran Thompson-Stevens

Using learning stories effectively to support an infant’s passion for learning
By Maria Cooper (peer reviewed)

Reflecting on primary caregiving through action research: The centre of innovation experience at Childspace Ngaio Infants and Toddlers’ Centre
By Carmen Dalli, Natasha Kibble, Nicola Cairns-Cowan, Jane Corrigan, and Bridget McBride

Book review: Creating a home for body, soul, and spirit: A new approach to childcare
Reviewed by Ann Rowley

Book review: Infant musicality: new research for educators and parents
Reviewed by Berenice Nyland

Book review: Play and learning in early childhood settings: International perspectives
Reviewed by Charlotte Robertson, Diti Hill and Nola Harvey

Volume 11, Issue 1, 2009

Editorial: Small matters in the big picture
By Judith Duncan

Who should take care of our babies?
By Margaret Sims (peer reviewed)

An introduction to infant-toddler practice research in New Zealand
By Kimberley Powell

Paper I
Equal but different:
Exploring perceptions of male teachers in the New Zealand early childhood sector
By Stuart Cottam

Paper II
Improving infant and toddler teachers’ visions: Yesterday, today and tomorrow
By Raewyne Bary

Paper III
Investigating sleep routines in early childhood care and education centres
By Glenda Albon and Jacqui Barnes

From conception to infancy: Opening a small infant-toddler centre – a personal story
By Sally Groenhart

A pedagogy of listening: Following different and unknown pathways
By Ninni Sandvik (peer reviewed)

Nature live: Experiencing nature naturally
By Ingrid Chettleburgh

The art of listening: Reflections of a beginning teacher
By Carol Bateman

“Hush little baby, don’t you cry”: Re-examining the issue of crying for infant-toddler pedagogy
By Suzie Gailer

Volume 10, Issue 2, 2008

Guest editorial: Labour's legacy (1.5 MB PDF)
by Helen May

The philosophy of Te Whatu Pokeka: Kaupapa Maori assessment and learning exemplars (4.5 MB PDF)
by Rita Walker

Liam's story: The musical journey of a young boy (3 MB PDF)
by Lynne Anderson

Looking out and looking in: Reflecting on conducting observational research in a child-care nursery (3.8 MB PDF)
by Sheila Degotardi (peer reviewed)

Listening with our eyes: lCT as a language of communication (4.7 MB PDF)
by Linda Flavell and Hanna Faletaupule

Remembering Slade: Re-visiting the connection between very young children's play and drama (4.3 MB PDF)
by Adrienne Sansom (peer reviewed)

Burn the rosters and free the teachers (1 MB PDF)
by Caryn Deans and Raewyne Bary

Putting respect for infants and toddlers into action (2.6 MB PDF)
by Sola Freeman

"Bang bang! You're dead" - pondering on guns in children's play (1.4 MB PDF)
by Pennie Brownlee

A male teacher's perspective on rough and tumble play (1.8 MB PDF)
by Ernie Belk

Book Reviews (4.5 MB PDF)
Getting started with schemas: Revealing the wonder-full world of children's play
Dance with me in the heart: The adults'guide to great infant-parent partnerships
Inspired to build: Unlocking the potential of block play
reviewed by Justine O'Hara-Gregan

Volume 10, Issue 1, 2008

Guest editorial: Leadership under the spotlight
By Kate Thornton

More than "follow the leader": Rethinking agency in early childhood leadership
By John roder and Slavica Jovanovic (peer reviewed)

New frames of reference: Asking questions as part of leadership activity
By Slavica Jovanovic and John Roder (peer reviewed)

Celebrating tenderness: The heart of socio-cultural theory
By Margaret Brennan (peer reviewed)

The spiritual lens: Multiple images of young children
By Jane Bone (peer reviewed)

Instruments in SPACE: Tools and artefacts in Te Marua/Mangaroa Playcentre’s SPACE
By Val Podmore and Sarah Te One (peer reviewed)

The rights and rites of play for toddlers in Aotearoa New Zealand
Part 1: Play as a right
By Jayne White and Jean Rockel (peer reviewed)

Te Papa Whakawhitwhiti: Disparate discourses in the arena of encounter
By Amiria O’Malley (peer reviewed)

Early childhood education and care in New Zealand: Do we have a runaway train?
By Mike Bedford and Kerry Sutherland

"Sweet dreams baby"
By Jean Rockel and Julie peal

Book review: Outside is where we need to be
Reviewed by Lesley Pohio.

Volume 9, Issue 2, 2007

Editorial: Connecting people, places and things: ICT in a Web 2.0 world
By Ann Hatherly

Unspoken questions
By Lorraine Sands and Karen Lichtwark (peer reviewed)

Resiliency in hospitalized children
By Barbara Mackay (peer reviewed)

Is the body an endangered species?
Reconceptualizing the body in early childhood education
By Adrienne Sansom (peer reviewed)

Modes of Being: I. Control, dissent, and listening in early childhood
Modes of Being: II. Sasha and Alex
By Stephen Wright

Painting with infants: A meaning and connection making experience
By Jannie Visser

Elemental play: Capturing the spirit of nature
By Debbie Ryder (peer reviewed)

Commentary: Challenges in establishing an infant-toddler specialism in Aotearoa New Zealand
By Kim Powell

Is being a fairy godmother a ‘piece of cake’?
By Sophie Foster

Book review: Magic places: The adult’s guide to young children’s creative art work
By Beverly Clark

Volume 9, Issue 1, 2007

Editorial: A revolution in our own time - Magda Gerber’s legacy to New Zealand education
By Maureen Perry and Jean Rockel

The influence of the Pikler philosophy in New Zealand: An interactive approach to care
By Derryn Chapman

Transforming toddlers’ play? The challenge of digitally enhanced toys
By Janice Tossman (peer reviewed)

"Do roosters have chins"? Insights into parenting a young child who is gifted
By Caterina Murphy and Valerie Margrain (peer reviewed)

Expanding intersubjectivity: The potential of Bakhtinian dialogism to inform narrative assessment in early childhood education
By Jayne White and Joce Nuttall (peer reviewed)

Painting with infants?
By HannahAna Eichler

Stealing time: Are mat times in early childhood really needed?
By Carol Armstrong

Enhancing infant health and development by supporting breastfeeding mothers
By Caroline Akitt

"Where’s Mummy? Who’s Mummy?"
By Charlotte Robertson (reprinted from vol.8, issue 2, due to production error)

Conference reports:
The very first Men in Early Child Care and Teaching Summit

The National launch of an Infant Mental Health Association of Aotearoa New Zealand

Book reviews:
"From children’s services to children’s spaces: Public policy, children and childhood" Reviewed by Clare Harper-Lee

"Move baby move: A New Zealand guide to fostering your child’s brain development through everyday activity"
Reviewed by Justine O’Hara-Gregan

Volume 8, Issue 2, 2006

Guest editorial: Are we listening?
By Val Podmore

Innovative transitions for infants and toddlers: A research and practice journey
By Val Podmore & Jan Taouma with the A’oga Fa’a Samoa

Empathy: The joy of being together
By Maria vincze

Of painting and washing windows, and butter, jam and marmite sandwiches: Towards a more toddler inclusive Montessori setting
By Jannie Visser and Leonie Kelly

The body in early childhood: Revisioning dance
By Adrienne Sansom

Attending to our emotions
By Enid Elliott

Lessons from a duck pond
By Miriam McCaleb

A Nordic exploration: Contemplations on early childhood education across the world
By Jayne White and Jean Rockel

‘Tummy-time’ confusion
By Marianne Hermsen-van Wanrooy

Where’s Mummy? Who’s Mummy?
By Charlotte Robertson

Learning from very young children
By Nora Muellar Tokunaga

Volume 8, Issue 1, 2006

Guest editorial: Play as a response to life
Diti Hill

Re-visioning love and care in early childhood: Constructing the future of our profession
Carmen Dalli

Child care for infants and toddlers: Where in the world are we going?
Margaret Sims, Andrew Guilfoyle and Trevor Parry

A moving weekend: Lessons from movement educator Ute Strub and SpeilRaum educator Andrea van Gosen
Pennie Brownlee

Can we do what we set out to do?: A reflective model of group agency
Robyn Reid and Sue Stover

The holistic learning outcomes of musical play for children with special needs
Julie Wylie

"The teachers said my child is different"
Angel Chan

"Where to run?": Creating a safe play environment for toddlers
Julie Stewart

Making mealtimes meaningful
Anita Homewood

Book review: "The origins of free play"
Reviewed by Pennie Brownlee

Volume 7, Issue 2, 2005

Guest editorial: A tribute to David Lange 1942-2005 and Sonja Davies 1923-2005
Anne Meade

Two year olds in kindergarten: What are they doing there?!
Judith Duncan

Mana Tamariki: A whanau learning story
Brenda Soutar

Stories beyond the gate
Robyn Lawrence

Natural reading, reading nature: The critical role that literacy skills play in building a sense of belonging to, and in, this world
Pennie Brownlee

Relationship-shaping: Teacher consistency and implications for brain development
By Miriam McCaleb and Nathan Mikaere-Wallis

What is the matter with Mary Jane? Or is there an art to listening to young children
Berenice Nyland

The technologist-toddler an ‘intentionality’
Anita Mortlocik

Technology and identity formation of infants and toddlers
Anita Mortlock, Amanda Higgins, Steph Boniface, Helene Easter, Carol-Ann Gibbins, Sue Hunter, Anna Reid and Anufe Tugaga

Am I in the right place? A reflective model of individual agency
Robyn Reid and Sue Stover

'Open … shut them … open … shut them’: A personal reflection on inclusion
Charlotte Robertson

Volume 7, Issue 1, 2005

Guest editorial
Margaret Carr

Play: A personal history
Beverley Morris

A journey into research by way of professional development
Lorraine Sands

A place for everybody? Challenges in providing inclusive early childhood education for children with disability in Aotearoa/New Zealand
Lesley Lyons

Curriculum: Challenges of context and complexity in early childhood settings
Diti Hill

A place for breastfeeding in early childhood centres
Sappho Banks

Promoting children’s health in early childhood education services: Responding to Meningitis
Angela Bush

Book Review: Shaping early childhood: Learners, curriculum and contexts, by Glenda MacNaughton (2003).
Anne Grey

Volume 6, Issue 2, 2004

Guest editorial - Keeping the dialogue behind the discourse alive
Sue Stover

The beginning of Helen’s journey into a community of writing and writers (peer reviewed)
Guy Broadley

Music for infants and toddlers
Julie Wylie

The Pikler Institute, Budapest, Hungary
Janet Gonzalez-Mena

Checking the "story-eggs" we have about children, the basic ingredients to our current situation
Pennie Brownlee

Transition within an early childhood centre: The construction of children’s identities (peer reviewed)
Rosina Merry

Visual arts and music in the early years
Judy Wong

Learning from toddlers
Maria Cooper

A review
Helen Willberg

Volume 6, Issue 1, 2004

Editorial - Jean Rockel

A new learning story: Capability and vulnerability
Miriam McCaleb

Wonder fuels a love affair
Pennie Brownlee

Visual language experiences: The beginnings of artistic self-expression for infants and toddlers
Jannie Visser

A lesson in listening and thinking: Katie and her shadow (peer reviewed)
Helen Hedges

Infants, context and participation rights: An Australian image
Berenice Nyland

Before we can see and hear, do we need to be seen and heard?
Jean Rockel

International perspectives on the integration of early childhood provision
Philip Gammage

Early childhood social sciences: Social justice education or social engineering? (peer reviewed)
Debora Lee

Book review: Six books that consider the art of very young children
Reviewed by Sue Stover

Volume 5, Issue 2, 2003

Guest editorial: Making connections over time and space
Sue Stover

Your feedback on shaping the future for infants and toddlers: Survey results
Ann Hatherly

Children’s spaces for ethical practice
Peter Moss

Mathematical babies
Maureen Perkins

Establishing a natural environment
Sharon Alderson

More than a mere glance: An in-depth look at baby’s attention to play
Diana Suskind

Theory as story: A framework for understanding and articulating the narrative of personal practice
Diti Hill

Infants’ memories: What do they remember?

Down the rabbit hole
Kylie Kingston

Responding to the cultural and linguistic diversity of refugee babies, toddlers and their families Robyn Gerrity

Book review: "On reflection: Reflective practice for early childhood educators"
Reviewed by: Robyn Reid

Volume 5, Issue 1, 2003

Guest editorial: Travelling the yellow brick road
Rose Cole

Aubert - The spirit lives on
Keryn Doyle

Looking to the past, and back to the future
Anne Stonehouse

Where to from here? Challenges and opportunities in education: A commentary
John Langley

Shape the future: Have your say
Helen Hedges and Jean Rockel

Helping our early childhood education shine
Anne Meade

A short history of anxiety about touch in early childhood education
Alison Jones

Furry, feathered, finned or feral: Pets in early childhood settings
Hilary Alach

Parents’ experiences of different pedagogies
Lisa Terreni

Postmodern theory - supporting early childhood professionals’ struggles for social justice in early childhood
Kylie Smith

Book review: "Babymoves: A step to step guide to enhancing your baby’s development through his or her own natural development"
Reviewed by: Maureen Perry

Book review: "A city possessed: The Christchurch Civic Creche case - child abuse, gender politics and the law"
Reviewed by: Sue Stover

Volume 4, Issue 2, 2002

Guest editorial
Empowering infants and toddlers - and their teachers
Helen Hedges

Infantastic: The vision
Stuart Guyton

Images of the child: An historical overview
Jean Rockel

Working with cultural differences: Individualism and collectivism
Janet Gonzalez-Mena

Te Ao Maori
Ngaroma Williams and Raiha Mahara

A magic place: Taking time to consider the crucial role of aesthetic environments on our children’s development and well-being
Pennie Brownlee

Goldfields and Queenie: Central Otago wonders
Tricia Lomas

"Who loves ya baby?": Primary caregiving in early childhood centres
Viv Shearsby and Gae Thawley

Maggie-Rose: A parent’s story
Bernadette Macartney

"It’s evolving over time": Some reflections on shifts in assessment practices through the voices of infant toddler practitioners
Keryn Davis

Five key principles of heuristic play
Shelley Auld

Book review: "Infants, Toddlers and Caregivers" (fifth edition)
Reviewed by: Nicole Thompson

Volume 4, Issue 1, 2002

Guest editorial: Anne Meade

The importance of the early years: Towards re-framing our discourse
Carmen Dalli

So what is different about Learning Stories?
Ann Hatherly and Lorraine Sands

Passion, participation and pedagogy: Reflections on the Reggio Emilia approach to infant and toddler care and education
Debora Lee

Communicate and connect with music
Helen Wilberg

Resilience in children
Gillian Gellert

Toward a culture of respect for infants and toddlers
Maureen Perry

Book review: "Bambini: The Italian approach to infant toddler care"
Reviewed by: Shareen Abramson

Volume 3, Issue 2, 2001

Guest editorial: Anne B. Smith

Making meaning of separation: Contrasting pictures of the first goodbye
Janet Gonzalez-Mena

Issues of power in early childhood education: Reflections of a beginning teacher
Dallas Boyce

Passion, power and planning in the early childhood centre
Diti Hill

Closing our eyes very tightly: Attachment theory in the lives of children and other people
Stephen Wright

Profiling portfolios
Sarah Te One

"It was so insanely busy all the time": Student teachers experience family life anew
Helen Hedges and Colin Gibbs

The listening child and the music environment
Julie Denham

Book review: "Politics in the playground"
Reviewed by: Linda Mitchell

Volume 3, Issue 1, 2001

Guest editorial: Carmen Dalli

The second time you jump into the water: Problematising observation of children
Kylie Kingston and Stephen Wright

Under twos wear very big shoes
Janette Kelly

Cultural capital and competent children
Roy Nash

Using an action research cycle to implement change within an infant and toddler environment
Earlene Stead

Attachment theory revisited
Sue Watson

An introductory overview to theories of the construction of the self - part 2
Elizabeth Rata

The sensual side of caregiving
Enid Elliot

What can we learn from the Antiques Road Show? - A personal comment
Peter Heaslip

Book review: "Your self-confident baby: How to encourage your child’s natural abilities - from the very start"
Reviewed by: Maureen Perry

Volume 2, Issue 2, 2000

Editorial - Jean Rockel

Re-valuing physical contact with young children
Sarah-Eve Farquhar

Science for infants and toddlers
Barbara Backshall

Reflections on infant dispositions
Susan Krieg

The dancing child: The wonderful link between movement and creativity
Adrienne Sansom

Brain development and learning
Robin Fancourt

Educators’ perceptions of the transition process for infants into early childhood services
Lyn Foote and Karen Hurst

The Quality Journey: A case study
Anne Grey, Doug Haynes and Claire McLachlan-Smith

An overview to theories of the social construction of the self
Elizabeth Rata

Book review: "Programme planning for infants and toddlers: An ecological approach"
Reviewed by Jenni Jones

Volume 2, Issue 1, 2000

Editorial - Jean Rockel

Raising the profile of infant and toddler education
Joy Cullen

Understanding relationships between professional carers and infants in childcare: A case study, action research approach
Sharne A. Rolfe

Myths or realities? Some thoughts about settling infants into early childhood centres
Deborah Lee

The Mathematical world of the infant and toddler
Maggie Haynes

Computers and Playcentre: Are they compatible?
Pennie Brownlee
Stuart Guyton

Interviewed by Jean Rockel
"One hundred percent full-on": Life changes in the transition to parenthood
Sarnia Butler and Lorraine McLeod

An introduction to heuristic play and its application in an infant-toddler centre
Stuart Guyton, Jean Rockel and Melinda Newport

Book review: "Rethinking the brain"
Reviewed by Anne E. Grey

Volume 1, Issue 1, 1999

The Creation
Maureen Locke

Editorial - Jean Rockel

Stuart Guyton
Interviewed by Jean Rockel

Temperament in infants
Beverley Morris

The trouble with ‘quality’
Sarah-Eve Farquhar

Babies dance too! Dancing starts at an early age.
Adrienne Sansom

Aesthetics in the infant-toddler environment
Vanessa Smith

Out of the mouths of babes: Learning and memory during infancy
Harlene Hayne

Book review: "Babies: Responding appropriately to infants"
Reviewed by Helen Hedges

Infants and toddlers in a technological world
Jannie Visser

Talking about IT!
Moira Patterson