Bachelor of Sport, Health and Physical Education

Meet our students and graduates and learn about their fulfilling careers.

The Bachelor of Sport, Health and Physical Education set Ella on the path to a rewarding career, including working for Disability Sport Auckland.

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See Guan – PE Teacher

Kennedy is combining his passions for sport and business, preparing for a career in the fast-growing sport and health industry.

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The range of available pathways within the programme allowed Nick to find a new passion for exercise sciences.

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Clarissa Mafoe says enrolling in the BSportHPE was the best decision she ever made because it opened doors to opportunities that she never knew existed.

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Beth Rattray

Beth Rattray landed her dream job at Northern Region Football, where she gets to combine her passions for football, refereeing and educating people.

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Brock's current role sees him advising and supporting students who are studying alongside their high-performance extracurricular activities.

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Rosie Lee

The Bachelor of Sport, Health and Physical Education provided La Chey with the knowledge and skills she needed to enter the workforce with confidence.

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Sport, Health and PE student Karishma Kumar

The Bachelor of Sport, Health and Physical Education, followed by a Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Secondary), set Karishma up for her Health and PE teacher job.

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Rosie Lee

Rosie studied health promotion to help improve the health outcomes of New Zealanders. Her new job is allowing her to do exactly that.

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Holly has always been an active person, loving all things related to sport and exercise. She decided she wanted to do something for her career and future that would bring her joy in the workplace.

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Reuben Morris

Reuben completed his service learning placement at MedStrength Gym, then landed a permanent job after he finished studying.

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See Guan – PE Teacher

See enrolled in the BSportHPE to broaden his perspectives as an athlete, sports coach and PE teacher, and enrich his teaching experience and expertise.

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The BSportHPE programme has helped Sean turn his passion for football into a career.

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