Nick Hindson – Bachelor of Sport, Health and Physical Education

The range of available pathways within the programme allowed Nick to find a new passion for exercise sciences.

Nick Hindson holding a football

“Ever since I was young, I’ve been involved with sport and coaching. My friends and family who had graduated from the University of Auckland all told me about the high-quality lecturers and courses, so enrolling in the Bachelor of Sport, Health and Physical Education was an easy choice.

“The learning environment has been amazing. The lecturers are all very approachable and supportive of our goals. The courses encourage collaborative work, which has created strong bonds within our classes. It’s a very hands-on programme which gives a really good insight into all the different careers in the world of sport, health and physical education.

“The degree is great because you can shape the programme to suit you. The first year gives you a chance to sample different areas of the industry, and in the following years you can focus on a specific pathway to set you up for your career.

“I enrolled in the programme with the intention of becoming a PE teacher, but a practical placement at a gym allowed me to discover a new interest in exercise sciences. Many of my peers found new passions in all sorts of areas they hadn’t intended on pursuing, thanks to the wide variety of courses and pathways offered.

“I can still see myself going into teaching in the near future, but my first goal after graduation next year is to get into specialised gym work, helping people better their physical health and sporting abilities. The programme has definitely developed my people skills and given me the technical knowledge I need to work in this field.”