Reuben Morris – Exercise Instructor & Head of Technology and Social Interactions

Reuben completed his service learning placement at MedStrength Gym, then landed a permanent job after he finished studying.

“I initially started going down the path of Engineering study but soon realised that, although it was stimulating, it wasn’t the route for me. Luckily, the University of Auckland had just formed the new Bachelor of Sport, Health and Physical Education, which aligned perfectly with my passions. After learning more about the pathways and flexibility of the programme, I enrolled – and I’m so glad I did.

“The campus life, diversity of classes and supportive friendships with teachers were just a few of the many highlights of the programme. In my third year, I got in touch with MedStrength Gym to see if I could do my service learning practical experience there, which was a great opportunity. I managed to land a permanent job at Medstrength after I finished studying, partly thanks to the holistic view of health and relationship-building abilities that I had developed through my studies.

The programme gave me the ability to navigate the workplace and find a role that suited me.

Reuben Morris Bachelor of Sport, Health and Physical Education

“I’m now the head of technology and head of social interactions, which involves setting up our new website, keeping our technology up-to-date and managing social media. I’m developing and promoting activities to improve the culture and social cohesion of the gym, while offering new ways for our members to stay active.

“My role also involves helping gym members with their form and motivation, to make sure they’re working out safely to achieve the results they’re looking for. I work closely with rehab clients, paying close attention to the technical aspects of their physiology, to help ensure a speedy recovery.

“The BSportHPE gave me the ability to navigate the workplace and find a role that suited me. Through the wide range of courses offered, I developed a really unique skillset, which enabled me to mould into the business and offer fresh ideas. The programme’s sport science pathway was essential in making sure my physiology knowledge and technical skills were up to par.

“The programme is perfect for anyone who loves sport, health and PE and wants to work with people to help them work towards their goals. I’m looking forward to continuing developing my skills and growing at MedStrength. One day, I’d like to take my skills overseas and put them to the test.”