Meet the students and graduates of South Auckland campus

Find out what students studying at our South Auckland campus have to say about their programmes and what our graduates are up to now.

Pelimani Fisi'iahi – Bachelor of Education (Teaching) student

Pelimani says choosing to study in South Auckland was the best decision he ever made.

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Gina White -FCertEd and Primary teaching student

After a long time deciding on what she wanted to study, Jaleesa enrolled in the Foundation Certificate before moving on to the Bachelor of Education.

Jaleesa's story

The Bachelor of Education (Teaching) Primary Specialisation opened Brosnon Siluuga’s eyes to local education issues and fuelled his passion for learning.

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Faith’s always known she wanted to be a teacher. She chose to study at the South Auckland Campus for its close-knit community and diverse culture.

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Louise Potter - TFC and Teaching student

Louise says studying the Tertiary Foundation Certificate in South Auckland was the perfect transition from school to university.

Louise's journey
Frank Tasi

Best of both worlds

The small, supportive South Auckland campus environment is a key factor in Deputy Principal Frank Tasi's success.

Robert Tuli’s Bachelor of Education (Teaching) Primary specialisation helped prepare him mentally and emotionally to support young students in their learning.

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Vernitta Easton decided to pursue a career in teaching after working a shift job that wasn’t fulfilling.

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After graduating with a Master of Educational Leadership, Melini Fasavalu is now Principal of Waimahia Intermediate School in South Auckland.

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Babette Maas - South Auckland student

Fantastic foundation

Studying at South Auckland was a fantastic foundation to make Babette Maas feel comfortable in front of her own classroom.

Mikayla chose to study in South Auckland to give back to the community she grew up in.

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A Foundation year set Gina up to excel in her primary teaching degree.

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