Social Work

Study to become a registered social worker or build on your existing qualification to advance in your career.

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Whether you are interested in beginning your first degree, are wanting to go into the field of research, or already hold a degree in a related field and are looking for a career change, we have a number of programmes to increase your opportunities in the social work sector.

Our social work programmes offer an integrated approach; combining key knowledge from the social sciences, social work theory and practice skills, and the impact of policy and legal systems, along with specialised knowledge for practice in health, child and family and youth social work services.

You will also spend a significant amount of your time on placements in order to gain real world experience as a social worker.

Programmes in Social Work

Bachelor of Social Work

Begin your career as a registered social worker by studying the Bachelor of Social Work.  

Bachelor of Social Work (Honours)

The Bachelor of Social Work offers an integrated honours year for students who hold a high GPA. Please note: this is not a stand-alone honours year.

Master of Social Work (Professional)

Build on your existing qualification in a related field and prepare yourself for a career as a practising social worker with this professional masters degree.

Postgraduate Diploma in Social Work

Learn advanced approaches and interventions in social work practice and examine current research in social work.

Study this programme as a standalone qualification or as a pathway to the Master of Social Work.  

Master of Social Work

If you already hold a Bachelor of Social Work degree this programme will prepare you for advanced professional responsibility in social work.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Social Work

Join our community of the best, brightest and most committed scholars researching in social work. Supervised by academics who are experts in their fields, you will carry out original and advanced research, and present it as a thesis.

Live Aotearoa’s most important principle every day

The Māori concept of manaatikanga stands for a process of showing respect, generosity and care for others. Caring for a person’s mana is in the essence of it. Manaakitanga is fundamental to Social Work as a profession which is focused on equality and the empowerment of people and communities. See our students and graduates spread manaakitanga throughout their daily work lives.