Postgraduate studies in the Arts

Advance your knowledge and understanding of Education with our postgraduate Arts programmes.

Our postgraduate Education in Arts programmes provide you with an introduction to the major themes of education.

You will also learn about the nature of education and the impact of current educational initiatives in New Zealand and internationally.

Through coursework and supervised research you can explore areas such as:

  • Contemporary issues in education and society
  • Historical perspectives on education
  • Educational psychology
  • Philosophy and sociology of education
  • Learning and development theory
  • Adult and higher education
  • Māori education
  • Pacific education
  • Research and evaluation.

Students are taught by staff who are also internationally and nationally renowned researchers.

Master of Arts in Education

The MA in Education lets you pursue in-depth research in an educational area of your choice and work closely with university staff who are specialists in their field.

The qualification is offered through the Faculty of Arts and taught by Faculty of Education and Social Work academic staff. Research is carried out under the guidance of one or more supervisors.

Available as a 120-point (one year full time, two years part time) or 180-point (one and a half years full-time, up to six years part-time) degree, you can choose from advanced-level courses and research topics in a wide range of education areas, including:  

  • Adult and Higher Education
  • Philosophy, history and sociology of education
  • Educational psychology
  • Child and adolescent developmental psychology
  • Māori education
  • Literacy education
  • Research and evaluation

You may also be approved to include up to 30 points (120-point MA) or 60 points (240-point MA) from 700-level courses in other subjects.

If you complete an MA in Education with First Class or Second Class (Division One) Honours, you can undertake a doctorate.

Postgraduate Diploma in Arts

The PGDipArts is another way of pursuing postgraduate study, in any subject available for the BA (Hons).

It consists of postgraduate taught courses and may include a dissertation. It is normally focused on one subject, although it is possible to include a limited number of courses from other relevant subjects.

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Education

The BA (Hons) is a one year full-time (or two years part-time) standalone postgraduate degree. It may be taken after a completed BA and is awarded as a separate qualification.

The programme comprises taught coursework and a supervised research component. It is delivered in evening lectures and on-campus block courses. Some courses are also available at other campuses, online or via study guide.

The BA (Hons) may be used as the entry qualification for the one year MA. If you meet the criteria, this qualification can also lead directly to study at doctoral level.

Postgraduate course finder

You can use our postgraduate course finder to learn more about specific courses available for our Arts programmes.


Our Education graduates gain a wide range of transferable skills, equipping them for roles in sectors such as management, human resources and communication. Find out more at our Education careers page.