Postgraduate Law Planning Guide

When considering the selection of courses for enrolment, it is important that you have a comprehensive understanding of the prerequisites associated with your academic programme and a clear awareness of the course offerings scheduled for the academic year.

Enrolment information 

Enrolments open in November each year for the next year of study. As class sizes are smaller, please enrol early to avoid disappointment.

Once you have accepted your offer in your programme, you will be able to enrol yourself into courses on Student Services Online.  

If you have a conditional offer or pending application, you will be unable to enrol yet. Please check your application on what you need to do.

In some cases, for students in the Postgraduate Certificate in Law (PGCertLaw) and Master of Legal Studies (MLS) programmes, you may not be able to directly enrol into courses. Find out: How to apply for a concession

Postgraduate law taught courses may be 15 or 30 points.

The normal full-time workload per semester is 60-points. Part time study is a student workload of 50 or fewer points per semester.

Course requirements

All Postgraduate law students must enrol in LAW 700 Legal Research Methodology and Advanced Writing (0 points) in their first semester of enrolment. In addition, programmes such as the Master of Legal Studies (MLS), Master of Intellectual Property (MIP), and Master of Taxation Studies (MTaxS) have other compulsory courses. You can find the specific requirements in the law programme regulations.

If you want to include a specialisation in your Master of Laws (LLM) or Master of Legal Studies (MLS), please ensure you are enrolling in courses relevant to your specialisation.

Find more information on the postgraduate law specialisations, taught courses offered, and enrolment deadlines.

Programmes Compulsory
LLM, MIP by coursework 
LAW 700
120 pts of taught courses
LLM by 90-point thesis LAW 700
  • 30 pts of taught courses 
  • 90-point Minor thesis (30,000 words)
LLM by 120-point thesis LAW 700 120-point thesis (40,000 words)
MLS 120 by coursework LAW 700
LAW 701 (30pts)
120 pts of taught courses
MLS 120 by 90-point thesis LAW 700
LAW 701 (30pts)
90-point Minor thesis (30,000 words)
MLS 180 by coursework LAW 700
LAW 701 (30pts)
150 pts of taught courses
MTaxS 120 by coursework LAW 700
COMLAW 740 (30pts)
90 pts of taught courses
MTaxS 120 by 90-point thesis LAW 700
COMLAW 740 (30pts)
90-point Minor thesis (30,000 words)
MTaxS 180 by coursework LAW 700
COMLAW 740 (30pts)
  • 105 points of taught courses
  • 45 point dissertation
MTaxS 180 by 90-point thesis LAW 700
COMLAW 740 (30pts)
  • 60 points of taught courses 
  • 90-point Minor thesis (30,000 words)
PGCertLaw, PGCertIP LAW 700 60 pts of taught courses

Time limits and additional requirements for completion

As well as passing courses and completing the required number of points you need to be aware of any additional requirements you must meet to complete your postgraduate programme.

In particular, you should understand:

Enrolments are normally continuous and postgraduate students must complete their programme within the time limit. Programme extensions (for Postgraduate Certificates) or suspensions (for Masters) may be approved if you are unable to complete because of exceptional circumstances beyond your control. In these cases, please reach out to the Student Hubs as soon as possible to discuss your options.

Find more information on postgraduate extensions and suspensions.

Masters honours classification

A Masters degree may be awarded with Honours if your overall grade is sufficiently high and you have passed a research component of at least 30 points.

The research component cannot be met with a Masters taught course. You must enrol into at least a 30-point dissertation or a thesis component.

Find out more about your postgraduate research options.

If you do not complete a research component of at least 30 points, your degree may be awarded with Distinction or Merit if your overall GPA meets the standards.

For more information on the GPA requirements, please refer to the General Regulations for Masters degrees in the University Calendar.