Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)

You can use the BA side of your conjoint to enrich subject knowledge and skills directly related to the other side of your conjoint, or to pursue interests which have no obvious link to your other degree. Language study on the Arts side of conjoint degrees can increase your international employment options.

Engineering is a global discipline and the University of Auckland has an internationally renowned Engineering faculty, opening up opportunities for successful graduates in the global tech business sector.

Programme structure

A total of 675 points comprising 255 points from Bachelor of Arts courses and 405 points from Bachelor of Engineering courses.For more information, visit the University Calendar.


5 years

Guaranteed entry requirements

  • NCEA – 275 with 17 external Level 3 credits in Calculus and 16 external Level 3 credits in Physics
  • CIE – 330 with Mathematics and Physics at A Levels
  • IB – 36 with Mathematics and Physics at HL level

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Fees – 2018

Estimated annual tuition fees for domestic students in 2018: NZ$6750–NZ$11,389.95.

Your exact tuition fees will relate to the courses you choose, but are likely to be within this range. Fees per point are charged at the rate set for that subject irrespective of the qualification the course is taken for.

In addition to tuition fees, you will also pay a Student Services fee. In 2018, if you are enrolled in 135 points, you will pay a fee of $915.30.

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Key Information for Students

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