Business development and management

Arts graduates have carved out diverse and rewarding careers in business development and management.

Alliv's Arts degree taught her to problem-solve and view things differently to the more technically-minded co-founders of her business, Kami.

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Arvind Vinjimoore

A Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Engineering conjoint gave Arvind Vinjimoore the skills he needed to be a project leader with Axpo in Europe.

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Vincent Lipanovich stuck with the subject that excited him and paved the way for a successful career in our museums.

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Nicole Killip

Studying in the Faculty of Arts helped Nicole Killip discover the career that was right for her.

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Katherine Halliburton's conjoint degree showed that she was well-rounded and had more than just technical ability.

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Aileen Cheng

Aileen Cheng works with multiple stakeholders across the supply chain in her role as a sales operations executive with Fonterra.

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Michael Liddle

Michael Liddle’s Bachelor of Arts fostered his ability to construct creative data displays and write essays, short stories and reviews.

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