Project leader

A Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Engineering conjoint gave Arvind Vinjimoore the skills he needed to be a project leader with Axpo in Europe.

Arvind Vinjimoore

Key facts

Career: Project leader in corporate development at Axpo
Programme: Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Engineering conjoint
Subjects: German and Economics

“I think my experience was unique as I pursued completely unrelated subject areas simultaneously: a German major from the School of European Languages and Literatures and an Economics major from the Department of Economics. Only an Arts degree offers you this much flexibility. It allowed me to study all the subjects that interested me without being forced to take courses I didn't care about.

“Unless you are really sure where you want your career to go, studying subjects that give you the flexibility to shift or change your career or to study something different at postgraduate level is really useful.

“It's also really important to study what you enjoy. I remember a business partner of my father’s telling me when I was 15 that you put more effort into studying things you like. And based on the grades I received in courses I enjoyed versus those I didn't, I'd say he was right.”