Development officer

A Master of Arts in Development Studies opened the door to an international career as a development officer for Esther Jens.

Esther Jens

Key facts

Career: Development officer
Programme: Master of Arts
Subjects: Development Studies

“My Master of Arts in Development Studies opened the door to the job I have now.

“I have the privilege of working with an incredible cohort of New Zealand development workers who are knowledgeable and passionate about the Pacific and the wider development context.

“My study gave me the development frameworks and analytic skills which I use every day in my job. This role is greatly varied and there are a range of opportunities to be posted overseas into development positions in the future.

“I enjoy the diversity of my job. I love being able to adapt my skills across a range of subjects such as health, education, law and justice, labour mobility and fisheries.

“One specific highlight has been travelling with the Minister of Foreign Affairs to the Pacific. I had the privilege of seeing our development projects in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands, talking to NGOs, and discussing the future directions of these countries with private sector leaders.

“Being exposed to a high calibre of lecturers who have strong research backgrounds and learning how to discuss and argue complex development issues with specialists and experts through my studies has prepared me well for an international career in Development Studies.”