Foreign policy officer

A Master of Conflict and Terrorism Studies opened the door to an international career as a foreign policy officer for Laura Eaton.

Laura Eaton

Key facts

Career: Foreign policy officer at New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Programme: Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws; Master of Conflict and Terrorism Studies
Subjects: English

“The world is a big and complicated place, especially when it comes to conflict. I studied a Master of Conflict and Terrorism Studies (MCTS) to make conflict more explicable. With its compelling emphasis on the causes, dynamics and consequences of violence, the MCTS has filled a critical gap in my imagination about how we might make the world a more secure place.

“I’m now a Foreign Policy Officer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Through my work I’ve had the opportunity to participate in global discussions on peace, security and human rights, as well as help lead New Zealand’s response to major emergencies offshore.

Going back to the Faculty of Arts as a postgraduate student was one of the best decisions I ever made. It was great to be back in an environment where critical thinking about the way that things are (and the way that they should be) is always encouraged.

“Postgraduate study has been an invaluable foundation for the career (and life!) that I want, and I encourage anyone with burning questions about the world to seriously consider studying the MCTS."