Entertainment metadata editor

Troy Hart brings a creative flair to his role, sparking interest in shows and movies using his drama and media expertise.

A picture of Troy Hart smiling at the camera.

Key facts

Career: Entertainment metadata editor
Programme: Bachelor of Arts
Subjects: Drama and Media, Film and Television

"As the entertainment metadata editor, I am responsible for all the writing associated with a piece of media. I write for all of SKY's built channels and across all our digital platforms. Essentially my job is to spark interest in a show to prompt customers into viewing our content.

"I enjoy writing for shows that allow me to be more colloquial and playful in my language and tone. Taglines are great for this as (depending on the show/movie) I am often able slip in the odd sneaky pun or sly innuendo. On occasion, I also get the opportunity to write for other magazines or platforms that allow me to flex out a bit more creative flair.

"My time at the University of Auckland allowed me to hone my craft and gain the confidence to take greater risks in the way I write. My Drama courses helped to develop my confidence and the way I present myself and my work. The English courses and all the essay writing was useful in practising not just how to write but also how to cater my copy to the audience reading it.

"Don't give up - go for any job in the field you are interested in and learn all you can. Once you are in you will find it easier to move into a role that may be more in line with your dream job.

"Arts degrees are the best sort of degree to prepare a person for the world of dealing with people. Until robots rule the world, interpersonal connections are a worker’s best way to get ahead."