Conditional Admission

If your rank score is below our guaranteed admission level and you're not eligible for the Targeted Admission Scheme, Conditional Admission might be your pathway to a Bachelor of Arts.

Who is eligible for Conditional Admission?

The following applicants are eligible for Conditional Admission to the Bachelor of Arts:

  • School leaver applicants with NCEA rank scores between 130 and 149, or CIE rank scores between 125 and 149, who are not eligible for the Faculty of Arts Targeted Admission Scheme.
  • Transferring students with a Grade Point Average or Grade Point Equivalent between 2 and 2.4 who are not eligible for the Faculty of Arts Targeted Admission Scheme.

Other applicants with no prior tertiary-level study will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Admission conditions

If you're admitted under Conditional Admission, the following conditions will apply:

  • You may enrol in no more than three courses (45 points) in your first semester, including an Academic English writing course. You may enrol in no more than four courses (60 points) in your second semester.
  • You must attend a compulsory Faculty of Arts CAS enrolment fono/hui in order to complete enrolment. You will be advised of the date, and if you do not attend we cannot enrol you.
  • You must complete DELNA at the enrolment fono/hui. DELNA helps determine which courses you should take in your first semester and identify any necessary language support courses as a required component of your enrolment. Find out more about DELNA

After the first semester, your progress will be reviewed by our Associate Dean (Students).

  • If you pass two or three of your courses you will be allowed a full-time course load (60 points) in your second semester.
  • If you fail your required Academic English course in your first semester, you will need to retake and pass it in your second semester. If you fail it a second time you will be discontinued from the programme.
  • If you do not complete any of the required coursework and/or fail to sit your exams, your enrolment will be discontinued.
  • If you are discontinued, you may not apply for or re-enrol in an Arts undergraduate programme for one year after discontinuation.

How to apply

  • Apply for your BA online as normal. We'll calculate your rank score as part of the admission process.
  • If your rank score falls within the eligible ranges, you will automatically be considered for Conditional Admission.

Help and advice

If you have further questions, get in touch with the Arts Students’ Centre.