Stage Three courses


In the third year of the Bachelor of Fine Arts students take:

Semester One:

  • FINEARTS 320 and 
    • 45 points of Fine Arts electives or
    • 45 points comprised of
      • General Education course(s) if you have not completed these yet (check your My Programme Requirements for guidance), and 
      • Fine Arts electives as needed to make up 45 points total

Semester Two:

  • FINEARTS 321
  • FINEARTS 322

Note: FINEARTS courses are not available for offshore/remote learning in 2024.

BFA conjoint students must complete FINEARTS 320, 321, and 322 as part of the Fine Arts requirements of the programme. Students need to carefully plan out progression through the conjoint degree to allow space for the completion of the 45 point capstone project (FINEARTS 321) course. FINEARTS 321 needs to be done towards the end of the conjoint degree to provide time for the prerequisite requirements to be met. 

FINEARTS 320 - Creative Practice Research Methodologies

  • Course prescription: Investigates what it means to consider creative practice as research. Develops skills in researching and applying appropriate methodological frameworks to practice.
  • Semester availability: Semester One
  • Prerequisite: FINEARTS 110-113 and 90 points from FINEARTS 220-250
  • Points: 15

FINEARTS 321 - Fine Arts Studio 3: Capstone Project

  • Course prescription: A major studio art project that demonstrates an advanced level of practical, independent, inventive, and conceptual enquiry. Students will engage in research and studio investigation using tools, technologies, and methods appropriate to their chosen field or fields of enquiry.
  • Semester availability: Semester Two
  • Prerequisite: FINEARTS 320 
  • Corequisite: FINEARTS 322
  • Points: 45

FINEARTS 322 - Research Essay: Making Sense of Practice

  • Course prescription: A response to the capstone project, this course focuses the research essay within relevant local, international, and historical fields of practice. Considers different ways of writing and discussing art, and how different types of art may be served by different forms of interpretation.
  • Semester availability: Semester Two
  • Prerequisite: FINEARTS 320
  • Points: 15