Fine Arts Electives


Digital Course Outlines

The Digital Course Outlines are published many months before the start of each Semester and contain detailed information about each elective course. This includes the topic description, learning outcomes, assessment methods, and academic staff. 

You need to review the Digital Course Outline for Fine Arts electives so that you can make an informed decision about their choices.

Degree Elective Requirements

BFA students

As part of your degree, you need to successfully complete:

  • At least 30 points of Creative Technologies electives
  • At least 60 points of Contemporary Practice electives
  • and 75 points of additional Fine Arts electives (FINEARTS 220-250)

You should use My Programme Requirements to track how you are progressing with the enrolment requirements of your degree. The programme page has an indicative programme structure diagram which can be used as a guide as well. 

In the BFA you can take up to 30 points of elective courses outside of Fine Arts, or a 45 points Arts or Science module. If taken, these courses count toward the '75 points of additional Fine Arts electives' requirement.  

BFA conjoint students

You need to complete a series of Fine Arts elective courses and the number will vary depending on your conjoint degree and you will need to plan this. You need to use My Programme Requirements to check how many electives are available on the Fine Arts side of your conjoint, and how you are progressing with your degree. 

Fine Arts Elective Enrolment

  • There are a limited number of spaces available in each seminar and these operate on a first-come-first-serve enrolment basis. The enrolment limits on each elective cannot be overridden.
  • If an elective is full and you are interested in it, then keep checking over time to see if another student drops their enrolment and so makes a space available for you to enrol in.
  • Please note: FINEARTS courses are not available for offshore/remote learning in 2024.

Creative Technologies Electives - 15pts

Semester One:

  • FINEARTS 205  -  Special Topic: Creative Computing (online only)
  • FINEARTS 220  -  Ngā Toi Taketake: Fibre and Textile 
  • FINEARTS 222  -  Printed Matter: Printmaking 
  • FINEARTS 224  -  Time-Based: Moving Image
  • FINEARTS 226  -  Photography: Digital Photography
  • FINEARTS 229  -  Painting: Painted Images
  • FINEARTS 230  -  Sculpture: Constructing and Fabricating
  • FINEARTS 235  -  Creative Careers: Making Exhibitions

Semester Two:

  • FINEARTS 221  -  Nga Toi Taketake: Kōhatu/Stone
  • FINEARTS 223  -  Printed Matter: Publication
  • FINEARTS 225  -  Time-Based: Action and Documentation
  • FINEARTS 227  -  Photography: Analogue Photography
  • FINEARTS 228  -  Painting: Materiality and Process
  • FINEARTS 231  -  Sculpture: Shaping and Casting
  • FINEARTS 236  -  Special Topic: Drawing as Creative Thinking (online only)

Contemporary Practice Electives - 30pts

Semester One:

  • FINEARTS 241  -  Indigeneity and Culture: Power and Place
  • FINEARTS 242  -  Image, Object, and Materiality: What is an Image?
  • FINEARTS 246  -  Systems, Ecologies and Environments: Art in the Anthropocene

Semester Two:

  • FINEARTS 245  -  Embodiment, Identity and Agency: Art and the Self
  • FINEARTS 247  -  Systems, Ecologies and Environments: Embodied Nature
  • FINEARTS 249  -  Technology and Material Futures: World-making