Postgraduate Allowances

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What is the Postgraduate Allowance?

Postgraduate Allowances will be a single reimbursable claim for direct and allowable costs (see below), related to your study. They can only be claimed once within the current year of study, and will not be applied to enrolment extensions.

They are calculated based on the number of points enrolled in the current year up to 120-point full time equivalent.

Who is eligible?

Annual Postgraduate Allowances are available to support postgraduate students at the Faculty of Creative Arts and Industries (CAI).

Note: Students on International Inbound Exchange are not eligible for CAI Postgraduate Allowances.

How to make a reimbursement claim:

  • A Postgraduate Allowance balance confirmation must be obtained prior to making your claim by emailing with PG Allowance in the subject heading and your Name and ID number in the message.
  • This balance confirmation will be regarded as the supervisor approval to attach with the claim.
  • All reimbursements must be submitted no later than 18th December of each year through the CONCUR Student Reimbursement system.

If you have any issues with getting into Concur, refer to the Concur Student Reimbursement FAQs, or contact the Shared Transaction Centre on 09-923-6410.

Coding details for CONCUR

Coding details for CONCUR reimbursement claim must state the following:

  • Report Name labelled as “PG Allowance”
  • Department will be 1005 with no project/project activity/source type
  • Product must be either:
    SOAP – School of Architecture & Planning
    DANCE – Dance Studies
    DESGN – Design Programme
    ELAM – Elam School of Fine Arts
    MUSIC – School of Music
  • Expense type will be “Student Expenses” for all expense lines


Reimbursable costs

Some examples of reimbursable direct costs allowable are:

  • Equipment user charges
  • Consumables (including external hard-drives, printer toners and paper)
  • Photocopying, printing and binding (that are not subsidised by the Library or Faculty)
  • Inter-loan charges (that are not subsidised by the Library or Faculty)

Costs that cannot be claimed

Costs that cannot be claimed are:

  • Capital items purchased in full or in part (e.g., computers, printers, fax machines and furniture)
  • Fines (e.g., Library fines; parking fines)
  • Purchase of books
  • To employ people or contract organisations
  • Reimbursement of Internet charges

For any rare circumstances not clearly covered above please contact the CAI Finance Team.

CAI Postgraduate Allowance Allocation Rates

Claims may be processed at Net of GST if supported by the appropriate documentation.

From 2022 the allocation is based on a pro rata full-time enrolment of up to 120 points at:

  • $500 per annum for Doctoral/PhD Students
  • $250 per annum for Masters level Students
  • $150 per annum for Postgraduate Diplomas and Honours level Students*

* Applies to:

  • Bachelor of Music Honours programme 
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours, year 4 only
  • Bachelor of Arts/Fine Arts Honours, year 4 only
  • Bachelor of Urban Planning, year 4 only

Example of part-time enrolled Masters Student at 60-point for 2022, allocation would equate to $125 ($250 ÷ 120 x 60).