Funding your doctoral study at Creative Arts and Industries

Waipapa Taumata Rau University of Auckland has many scholarships available for doctoral study, including centrally funded, faculty funded, research grant funded, and philanthropically funded scholarships.

University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship

The University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship is awarded for up to 36 months of doctoral study and comprises an annual stipend of $33,000 in 2023 (with annual CPI adjustment) plus compulsory tuition fees, including the single student Health Insurance compulsory charge for international students.

All applicants who are to be offered a place in a doctoral programme will be eligible for scholarship consideration prior to receiving their offer of place.

Māori and Pacific students with a GPA of 7.0 or above who are offered a place in a doctoral programme will be guaranteed a scholarship.

Each faculty has an allocation of scholarships to be awarded to doctoral candidates based on the faculty’s strategic objectives.

Faculty of Creative Arts and Industries strategic objectives for scholarship awarding

Up to eleven University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarships will be awarded to new doctoral candidates in the Faculty of Creative Arts and Industries in 2023-2024. There is no separate application process for these scholarships. When you apply for admission to the doctoral programme you will be asked if you wish to be considered for the scholarship. In selecting scholarship recipients, the faculty selection committee will assess all eligible doctoral applicants against the following criteria:

  1. Academic Excellence (35%). Academic record (Taumata Teitei: Nurturing, recruiting and retaining outstanding research talent), standing of awarding institution, academic references, CV, research and/or professional experience and publication record.
  2. Proposed project (35%). A range of factors may be considered for assessment beyond the above listed notes, these may include: careful consideration of methodology and process that is appropriate to the research question; novel and innovative creative-practice research; supervision capacity of the proposed supervision team, and the given resources of the faculty and the University.
  3. Research Impact (15%). Alignment with the impacts listed in the University’s Strategic Plan 2025 set out in Taumata Teitei including four interdependent priorities of sustainability, health and well-being, justice, and ethical innovation and technology.
  4. Faculty’s Strategic Objectives (15%). The proposed project will be assessed based on its alignment with the 2023-24 Faculty Plan that is to develop: sustainable ecosystems relating to climate change and the built environment; just-communities (access to shelter and environmental equity, spanning the disciplines of architecture, planning and design); creative therapies, indigenous creativity, cultured communities.

In addition to above the faculty will also take into consideration other objectives set out in Taumata Teitei | Vision 2030 and Strategic Plan 2025 including:

  • Strengthen relationship with tangata whenua, diverse Aotearoa, Asia-Pacific communities and global communities.
  • Fostering transdisciplinary research for cross-faculty collaboration.
  • Support equity, diversity, and inclusivity in research.

To be considered for a Faculty of Creative Arts and Industries University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship you must prepare the following materials as part of your Application for Admission:

Process for applicants:

  1. Contact your potential main supervisor and discuss the possibility of working with them on your proposed project (at least one month before the application close date). 
  2. Complete the Faculty of Creative Arts and Industries Statement of Research Intent and ask your potential supervisor to approve it. 
  3. Submit the Faculty of Creative Arts and Industries Statement of Research Intent and all other required material as part of your Application for Admission.


Every effort has been made to ensure the information we have supplied is correct and up to date. However, the University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship regulations take precedence over all other material.

You are strongly advised to read the scholarship regulations for complete information, to ensure you meet the eligibility criteria for scholarship consideration, and that you understand the implications of any regulations, awarding value and selection criteria.

Applying for doctoral study at Creative Arts and Industries

Please visit our specific school doctoral pages to find more detailed information on doctoral study in your area of interest. Here you will learn about the types of doctoral programmes on offer and the available doctoral supervisors and find the contact details for each discipline’s Postgraduate Adviser.

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