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Agnès Sorel and the French Monarchy

Author: Tracy Adams

Published: 2022

The Creation of the French Royal Mistress: From Agnès Sorel to Madame Du Barry

Author: Tracy Adams and Christine Adams

Published: 2020, Penn State University Press

"Radical Bilingualism" in Fouad Laroui's 'Une annee chez les Francais'

Author: Trudy Agar

Published: 2022, Australian Journal of French Studies, 59(1), [20]–33

Encrucijadas globales: Redefinir España en el siglo XXI [Global Crossroads: Redefining Spain in the 21st Century]

Author: José Colmeiro

Published: 2015. Madrid/Frankfurt: Editorial Iberoamericana/Vervuet. 365 p.

Cruces de fronteras: Globalización, transnacionalidad y poshispanismo [Border Crossings: Globalisation, Transnationality and Post-Hispanism]

Author: José Colmeiro

Published: 2021. Madrid/Frankfurt: Iberoamericana-Vervuert, 2021. 375 pp.

Repensar los estudios ibéricos desde la periferia [Rethinking Iberian Studies from the Periphery]

Author: José Colmeiro and Alfredo Martínez-Expósito

Published: 2019. Venice: Universitá Ca’Foscari; Biblioteca di Rassegna Iberistica series. 179 pp.

Women in the Italian Film Industry: Against All Odds

Author: Bernadette Luciano & Susanna Scarparo

Published: 2020. In: Liddy, S. (eds) Women in the International Film Industry. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.

Stories My Mother Never Told Me: The Autobiographical Films of Alina Marazzi, Margot Nash, and Sarah Polley

Author: Bernadette Luciano & Susanna Scarparo

Published: 2019. Quarterly Review of Film and Video, 37:1, 1-24,

Adapting Kafka’s Ape to the Twenty-First Century: Gesture, Montage, and Performance in Antonietta De Lillo’s Il Signor Rotpeter

Author: Bernadette Luciano and Steele Burrow

Published: 2020. Adaptation: the journal of literature on screen studies, v. 13, n., 335-348.

“Pericle il Nero di Giuseppe Ferrandino: l’emancipazione di un camorrista”

Author: Barbara Martelli

Published: Forthcoming, 2022-2023. Revisioning/Revisiting Naples in the New Millennium, NeMLA, Vol. XLIV 

"Two Halves of the Same Kiwi: Italian Language and Culture among New Zealanders of Italian Origin"

Author: Barbara Martelli

Published: 2022. Italiano LinguaDue. Vol. 14, No. 1.

“Stay home, be safe, and be kind”: University of Auckland’s Italian course goes online in a week

Author: Barbara Martelli

Published: 2021. In Radić, Nebojša; Atabekova, Anastasia; Freddi, Maria; Schmied, Josef (Eds), The world universities’ response to COVID-19: remote online language teaching (pp. 371-383).

"Resisting Neoliberal Totality: The "New" Nueva Canción Movement in Post-Authoritarian Chile."

Author: Walescka Pino-Ojeda

Published: 2021. Popular Music and Society, 2021, Vol.44 (2), p.175-192 [Peer Reviewed Journal] Bowling Green: Routledge

'Be a Man!': Masculinities and Class Privileges in Postcoup Chilean Cinema

Author: Walescka Pino-Ojeda

Published: 2014. Screening Minors in Latin American Cinema. Eds. Rocha, Carolina ; Seminet, Georgia. Guilford: The Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group. 

Best of Both Worlds? Developing Integrative Blended Learning for Beginners French, Italian and Spanish at Tertiary Level in Aotearoa/New Zealand

Author: Deborah Walker-Morrison, Gabriella Brussino and Nicola Gilmour

Published: 2021. In: Lanvers, U., Thompson, A.S., East, M. (eds) Language Learning in Anglophone Countries. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.

Haerenga Wairua: Spirit(ual) Journeys in Twenty-First-Century Māori Cinema.

Author: Deborah Walker-Morrison

Published: 2020. Canadian Journal of Film Studies 29(1):122-144.