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UNESCO report Gender and Creativity: Progress on the precipice

Author: Bridget Conor 

Published: 2021

How Goopy are you? Women, goop and cosmic wellness

Author: Bridget Conor 

Published: 2021

Red Mole: A Romance

Author: Anne Goldson

Released: Theatrical release nationwide 2024

Te Aparangi Royal Society of NZ 2021 Aronui Medal for Excellence in Humanities

Author: Anne Goldson

Released: 2021

"Normal was a problem" - post-pandemic futures

Author: Luke Goode

Released: 2022, A Research Agenda for COVID-19 and Society, Edward Elgar Publishing, (pp.195-214)

Exposure to Digital Vape Marketing Among Young People in Aotearoa New Zealand

Author: Ian Goodwin

Released: Lyons, A.C., Moewaka Barnes, A., Goodwin, I., Carah, N., Young, J., Spicer, J., and McCreanor, T.

Programmatic Alcohol Advertising, Social Media, and Public Health: Algorithms, Automated Challenges to Regulation, and the Failure of Public Oversight

Author: Ian Goodwin

Released: 2022

Strategic illiteracies: the long game of technology refusal and disconnection

Author: Ethan Plaut 

Published: 2022, Open Access Journal Article, Communication Theory 

Museum Installation: Mata ki te Mata / Eyes on Tāmaki

Developed by: Ethan Plaut 

Exhibited: 2021/2022, Auckland Museum 

Communication Inequality and the Technopolitical Structure of Platform Work: Aotearoa New Zealand Platform Workers During COVID-19

Author: Leon Salter

Released: 2024. Salter, L., & Dutta, M.

 The algorithmic big Other: using Lacanian theory to rethink control and resistance in platform work, Distinktion: Journal of Social Theory

Author: Leon Salter

Released: 2023. Leon A. Salter & Mohan J. Dutta

Experiences of Digital Technology for Home Support Workers – The need for a human centered approach

Author: Leon Salter

Released: 2023. Salter, L., Vonk, L., & Fromm, A.

Functions of quotation in online political comments

Author: Bingjuan Xiong

Released: 2023. Bingjuan Xiong & Jessica S Robles

Traditions of communication theory and the potential for multicultural dialogue

Author: Robert T. Craig & Bingjuan Xiong

Published: 2022, Journal of Multicultural Discourses, 17(1), 1-25.