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Landmark health survey of rainbow Pasifika launches

Academic: Patrick Thomsen

Published: 2022. Stuff. 

Ground-breaking Pacific Rainbow+ research project aims for reconnection

Academic: Patrick Thomsen

Date: 2022. Tagata Pasifika.

New project looks at the challenges for Aotearoa's Pasifika Rainbow communities

Academic: Patrick Thomsen

Date: 2022. Radio NZ. 

New health project for New Zealand's diverse Pacific Rainbow community

Academic: Patrick Thomsen

Date: 2022. Samoa Observer. 

Book extract: Towards a Grammar of Race - 'the erasive racial politics of Judith Collins'

Academic: Patrick Thomsen

Date: 2022. New Zealand Herald.

The Manalagi Project

Academic: Patrick Thomsen

Date: Website launched 2022. 

Where organisms meet the environment

Academic: Jan Baedke & Tatjana Buklijas

Date: 2022. Introduction to the special issue ‘What counts as environment in biology and medicine’, Studies in History and Philosophy of Science.

Direct recycled water recommended as Auckland's next water source

Academic: Tatjana Buklijas 

Date: 2022. Stuff. 

Citizen assemblies offer hope for democracy and climate change challenges

Academic: Tatjana Buklijas 

Date: 2022. Newsroom. 

Critical Tourism Studies in Asia-Pacific

Academic: Jamie Gillen. 

Date: 2023. Keynote speaker CTS - AP Hanoi, Vietnam

Dialogues in Human Geography on the concept of ruralisation

Academic: Jamie Gillen, Tim Bunnell, and Jonathan Rigg

Published: 2022. Geographies of ruralization. 12: 2, pp. 186-203. Beyond binaries? Spatial possibilities in Southeast Asia. 12: 2, pp. 227-231.

Global studies and human geography: A view from Aotearoa New Zealand

Academic: Jamie Gillen

Published: 2022. New Zealand Geographer 78: 2, pp. 115-122. 

Vietnam at the Vanguard New Perspectives Across Time, Space, and Community: New Perspectives Across Time, Space, and Community

Academic: Jamie Gillen, Liam Kelley, and Phan Le Ha

Published: 2021.  London: Springer.