Help with assignments

First Year Experience run Assignment Preparation Sessions and Structure and Referencing Checks to help you do your best in your assignments.

Assignment Preparation Sessions (APS)

Assignment Preparation Sessions bring together students, librarians, Student Learning staff, tutors and First Year Experience mentors to answer your questions and offer you specific help with a major assignment.

Whether you are stuck getting started or just putting the final touches on references, there is someone there who can answer your questions and get you to the next stage in your assignment. The sessions are popular, with hundreds of students taking advantage of one-stop shopping for academic help.

Attend an Assignment Preparation Session

Structure and Referencing Checks (SRC)

These sessions help you put the final touches on your assignment so you can get those all-important referencing marks.

Attend a Structure and Referencing Check


All of our sessions are run in open plan area in the Arts Students' Centre.