Studies in Urban Wellbeing

Gain an overview of some of the most important issues of urban life today, such as population, sustainability and wellbeing.

The knowledge and skills you will develop

You will develop an interdisciplinary understanding of the status and dynamics of contemporary urbanism, including key challenges to wellbeing such as food politics and achieving sustainable settlements. You will learn more about population dynamics and the nature of wellbeing.

How this module can be useful in your career

This module would be useful for a career in any organisation engaged with urban planning and sustainability, such as local government. You could also take your understanding into roles or organisations that are concerned with health and wellbeing.

The courses you can take

You can complete three of the courses listed below (45 points), including GEOG 104 and SOCSCIPH 200.

Before you can enrol in a Stage II or Stage III course you need to have passed the prerequisite course/s for enrolment in that course.

Stage I

GEOG 104
Cities and Urbanism

Stage II

SOCSIPH 200 (not taught in 2022)
Social Science for Health

Stage III

GEOG 305
Population, Health and Society

GEOG 307
Urban Geography

SOCSCIPH 300 (not taught in 2022)
Current Debates in Health and Health Policy