Stage Two courses


Second year Bachelor of Dance Studies students must enrol as below:

Semester One: 

Semester Two:

* Please note: You cannot take General Education courses in these subjects:

  • Any other subject you have taken in your BDanceSt degree

DANCE 200/200G - Dance and Culture

  • Course prescription: Examines the interrelationship between dance and wider political and cultural movements through practical dance classes and theoretical investigations into diverse cultural environments around the world. Students physically and theoretically engage in the study of various dance forms such as Tango, Salsa, Dabkeh, traditional Chinese dance and Bharata Natyam.
  • Semester availability: Semester Two 
  • Prerequisite: 60 points passed
  • Note: This course is available to all University of Auckland students, except those in a BDanceSt degree.
  • Points: 15

DANCE 210 - Contemporary Dance and Choreography 2

  • Course prescription: Study of contemporary choreography practice and theory. Students create choreography that may be shared through film and/or live performances.
  • Semester availability: Semester Two 
  • Prerequisite: DANCE 101 or 110
  • Points: 15

DANCE 212 - New Zealand Dance Contexts and History

  • Course prescription: Emphasis is on the socio-historical developments of dance in the twentieth century. Choreographers, dancers, designers and composers who have created, influenced and shaped dance in New Zealand will be studied via lectures, videos, scores, and reconstructions.
  • Semester availability: Semester Two 
  • Prerequisite: DANCE 107
  • Points: 15

DANCE 220 - Dance Vocabulary II

  • Course prescription: Exploring and analysing contemporary dance practices and techniques. Movement skills and performance skills will be developed integrating personal movement with techniques.
  • Semester availability: Semester One 
  • Prerequisite: DANCE 120
  • Points: 15

DANCE 222 - Safe Dance Practices

  • Course prescription: Establishing the theory and practice of safe dance practices within education, performance and health related contexts. Anatomy, kinesiology and dance conditioning methodologies will be studied in relation to dance practice.
  • Semester availability: Semester Two 
  • Prerequisite: DANCE 112
  • Points: 15

DANCE 231 - Community Dance

  • Course prescription: Entering diverse community settings and teaching and learning dance; analysing the roles and functions of dance in your own and others' communities. Note: this course does not meet the requirements for teacher registration in New Zealand.
  • Semester availability: Semester One 
  • Prerequisite: DANCE 131
  • Points: 15