Refugee Advisory Panel

CAPRS has been working in partnership with R-SEAT, Immigration New Zealand, and an interim refugee advisory group to develop a Refugee Advisory Panel.

About the Refugee Advisory Panel

The aim of this advisory panel is:

  1. To provide refugees and former refugees in New Zealand with an opportunity to participate in the development of refugee resettlement strategies and policies in an effective and meaningful manner.
  2. To ensure refugee and former refugee interests, perspectives, and knowledge inform and influence strategic direction and policies on international, regional, and national refugee issues.
  3. To include refugees and former refugees in relevant NZ government delegations to global meetings on refugee issues such as UNHCR Executive Committee Meetings, Global Refugee Forum (GRF), High Level Official Meetings, and the Annual Tripartite Consultations on Resettlement (ATCR).
  4. To be a collaborative space for former refugee communities, groups, and organisations to represent themselves and advocate collectively.
  5. The Panel is not intended to take the place of existing structures or modes of engagement. It is an alternative means to facilitate the participation of different groups, rather than establish a new organisational body.

Role of the Refugee Advisory Panel

As a Panel member you will use your skills to:

  • Ensure decision-making is informed from a forced displacement perspective
  • Provide advice and feedback on international, regional and national refugee issues
  • Advise on the development of refugee policies, programmes and strategies
  • Identify and actively take part in work that improves the lives of refugees in New Zealand

Selection process for new Panel members

The process for selecting seven Panel members will begin with:

  • A public call for applications
  • Setting up a selection committee with members from government, community refugee organisations, mana whenua, refugee leaders and academia
  • Then, an interview process of shortlisted applicants to help the selection committee decide who will be on the Panel

Applications for the New Zealand Refugee Advisory Panel 2022 have now closed.