Ujitha Galappaththige - GradDipTESSOL

For science teacher Ujitha, studying english teaching for second language speakers is helping to share knowledge and shape minds.

Ujitha Galappaththige
Ujitha Galappaththige

“I decided to study the GradDipTESSOL because for me this was a way of enhancing my strategies for teaching the students in our school, which has a large number of English as an Additional Language learners.”

“Since starting the programme, I have been spending a lot more time working with my students in order to make sure that they are able to scaffold their ideas into a frame that best suits their levels of understanding.

“I enjoy the lectures and the opportunity to share my ideas and passions with like-minded teachers from around Auckland. There are so many strategies that are taught and explained to us during this course, which are great tools for teachers.

“I hope to be able to use this qualification by sharing the knowledge that I’ve learned with my colleagues and to help develop science literacy in schools.”

Ujitha Galappaththige is studying the GradDipTESSOL. He teaches junior science and senior chemistry and biology at Aorere College, Auckland.