Toe’umu Vaitohi - BEd (Tchg) Early Childhood Education Pasifika specialisation

Toe’umu Vaitohi says being surrounded by the practices of her Pacific community at university helps her feel stress-free and at peace.

“I chose to study at the University of Auckland because it has a great reputation worldwide and because of the support it offers.

“The Pasifika specialisation is underpinned by principles of Pacific cultures and languages. Being surrounded by the practices of my community, at University, helps me to feel stress-free and at peace.

“I love studying alongside my peers and building strong relationships. We share a strong bond as we are all studying towards the same degree and all have the same passion for teaching.

“My hope is that this qualification will take me around the world. My dream is to work in a variety of different childcare centres in many countries in order to experience a range of cultures and languages.

“By the time I graduate I’m confident I will have gained a vast amount of knowledge through lectures and centre experiences and will be able to put this into practice in the workplace.”