Design and fabrication

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Andrew Barrie

Andrew's research focuses on architectural representation and on contemporary architecture in New Zealand and Japan, particularly structure-oriented design strategies. Current research considers the application of a traditional Japanese modelling technique, okoshi-ezu, to recent buildings by contemporary Japanese architects. Having worked for Toyo Ito in Tokyo and then Cheshire Architects in Auckland, Andrew is well placed to supervise PhDs with a creative practice component.

Research interests: Contemporary Japanese architecture; Contemporary practice and design; The use of non-standard structural systems in architecture; Design as research; Architectural representation.

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Michael Davis

Mike's research is practice based. It operates in two modes: in design projects where knowledge is embedded in drawn, modelled and built form; and in text which often reflects upon the projects to explicate the embedded knowledge. His principle focus falls on relations between architectural media, composition and fabrication.

Mike holds a PhD from RMIT, Melbourne and a Master of Architecture in Architecture and Urbanism from the Architectural Association, London.

Research interests: Architectural media, composition and fabrication; ‘Live’ project pedagogy; Academy-profession-market relations; Housing; Design research in architecture.

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Marian Macken

Marian's research examines histories and theories of spatial representation; temporal aspects of architecture; and alternative modes of representation and documentation within spatial practice, with particular interest in the implications and possibilities for architectural drawing and exhibition as design outcome. She trained in architecture, landscape architecture and visual art, receiving a PhD, by thesis and creative work from the University of Sydney. Hence, intersections of ideas and techniques between these disciplines, through practice-based research, is of particular interest.

Research interests: Histories and theories of spatial representation; Temporality and spatial practice; Architecture and the book; Inter-disciplinarity and the design process.

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Dermott McMeel

Dermott's research is primarily conducted within the disciplines of architecture, information science and artistic practice. With interests in design and digital technologies; media and cultural theory; digital geography and mobile/social media, he seeks to advance the discussion on the influence of technology in both the design/making process and the built environment. His current research has a focus on locative media and the disruptive effect of mobile devices on the 'craft' of design and construction, as well as technology's ability to delaminate the socio-technical, geo-political and cultural strata of our physical environment. He is involved in both BRANZ and MBIE funded research projects exploring the implication and new application for emerging technology in the built environment.

Research interests: Digital Media and Culture; Building Information Modelling (BIM); Robotics and responsive architecture; Digital Fabrication.

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