Jessica Long

Master of Architecture (Professional) student Jessica Long enjoys the collective culture of Architecture’s studio spaces.

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Jessica Long

Why study Architecture?

“I love the inclusiveness and diversity of architecture. Not only are there so many different ways of building architecture in the world, but architecture also allows the freedom to incorporate various themes, such as nature, philosophy and culture.

“To be honest, I didn't know what architecture was until I entered high school. All I knew is that I wanted to do something creative, and architecture was a degree that would teach me skills and open up more opportunities within various disciplines.”

Postgraduate study

“Postgraduate study is like a testing ground where you can research your own interests, with coursework and directed study. The thesis year is more focused on self-generated investigations with academic support from supervisors.

The studio culture and collective spirit are what I enjoyed most during my degree. I’ve come across so many great people who have inspired me in many ways. I’ve had so much fun spending time with peers in that intimate studio space. We always cheer each other up and work collectively.

Jessica Long


“In 2022, I was a finalist in the 36th Dulux Colour Awards for my design project ‘Cine55: Envisioning the Realm of Memory in Film.’The most exciting part of the project was that it introduced projection, filmmaking, and narrative ideas, which I've always been interested in. During the research, I also enjoyed exploring film architecture, combining my skills in photography, video editing and model-making.”

CAI International Mentor Programme

“My role as an International Mentor is to help support and maintain communication between mentees and the School of Architecture and Planning. Through the journey, I’m happy to contribute my experience and see how my support can positively impact mentees. I just love celebrating every moment when they solve a problem or accomplish something with my help. It really motivates me.”

Along with Mandarin and English, Jessica also speaks Korean – in large thanks to time spent watching K-Dramas. Outside of study, she enjoys photography, printmaking and pottery.

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