Jingyuan (Cindy) Huang

Jingyuan is fascinated by how stories from our cultures and experiences have an influence on architectural design.

Jingyuan (Cindy) Huang
Jingyuan (Cindy) Huang - Bachelor of Architectural Studies student

I find sensitive designs very appealing. It’s very important to me that every design should tell a story that might be informed by your own culture, experiences, or other people’s experiences.

Jingyuan (Cindy) Huang - Bachelor of Architectural Studies

"Thinking about occupancy and the power of architecture to be able to make one ‘feel’ is very fascinating. Using those insights to inform my designs is something I hope to work towards.

“The School of Architecture and Planning at the University of Auckland has a history of architectural knowledge and a great reputation, which is what appealed to me.

"As students we have access to metal, wood and digital fabrication workshops, which include 3D printing, laser cutting and CnC routers. The technicians are very skilled and helpful. If you’re unsure about what you want to study, I suggest attending an Open Day here, as it’s a wonderful showcase of what architecture school is about.”