Lokesh P Padhye - MHigherEd

"The Master of Higher Education has helped me to become a better academic citizen."

Dr Lokesh P Padhye

"I obtained my doctorate in Environmental Engineering from Georgia Tech and have always been determined to be an independent researcher since my early years of graduate study. Although my primary research area is environmental chemistry, I am also passionate about research in higher education, which yields actionable insights for improvements in learning and teaching. My curiosity to understand research-informed, effective teaching practices led me to study the Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice and later, the Master of Higher Education.

"I am particularly excited about the opportunity to conduct an independent research project on a higher education topic. Our lecturers in the programme are well informed and provide the cohort with necessary intellectual stimuli through the use of active and peer learning, learning by teaching, and collaborative learning exercises. The most enjoyable part for me is the peer-discussion with the cross-disciplinary cohort, which has increased my knowledge as well as my understanding and appreciation of other disciplines and the respective academic practices in those fields.

"If you are interested in research-informed learning and teaching practices, I highly recommend the Master of Higher Education. The time commitment required is well worth it." 

Dr Lokesh P Padhye is a Senior Lecturer in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Auckland.