Postgraduate research showcase

A postgraduate qualification from our department can provide a broad variety of research and career opportunities.

Research and career options

In May 2020, our department hosted a series of video presentations about major postgraduate study and research options. The following areas were covered:

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Geothermal Engineering Technology
  • Master of Energy
  • Geothermal Modelling
  • Research in Computational Mechanics
  • Computational Mechanics and Physical Modelling
  • Biological Fluid Dynamics
  • Particle Mechanics Research
  • Electric Power Optimisation Centre (EPOC)
  • Multi-objective (Network) Optimisation Transport Modelling
  • Time-Series Analytics
  • Models, Uncertainty and Data (MUD)
  • Neural Engineering
  • Applied Analytics, Inference and Optimisation

You can view the entire series on YouTube.

Help and advice

Our departmental postgraduate advisers are here to help. You may contact them to find out more about our postgraduate opportunities: