Alternative Pathway via Faculty of Science

Demonstrate sufficient ability during study towards a Bachelor of Science degree and you may be offered entry into the BE(Hons) degree programme.

If you were initially denied admission to the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) or didn't study Calculus or Physics at Year 13 level, you can make up for the missing requirements by enrolling in the required courses with the Faculty of Science. This is dependent on your demonstrable ability in engineering-related study towards a Bachelor of Science (BSc) or Certificate Proficiency in Science (CoP).

Admission following one semester in the Bachelor of Science (BSc)

A minimum of 30 places are available for Semester Two entry to the BE(Hons) on this basis. This is subject to the availability of places in Part I.

Admission is considered based on you gaining a minimum GPA of 5.0 (B average) across 60 points of study, and the following:

  • A minimum B+ grade in the appropriate, agreed courses in Mathematics 
  • A minimum B grade in the appropriate, agreed courses in Physics

The courses in your first semester may include:

  • MATHS 108 or MATHS 110 or MATHS 120 and 130 (required). Students who take MATHS 120/MATHS 130 are required to complete both courses with the required grade in order to be considered. MATHS 150 is acceptable only for students who have completed this course prior to 2019.
  • PHYSICS 120 or PHYSICS 121 or PHYSICS 160 (required)
  • A General Education course that can be counted toward either a BSc or BE(Hons). Please note that AELR requirements may apply.
  • One other Science course from the approved courses list. These courses are approved by the Faculty of Engineering and can be credited towards a BE(Hons). You can still apply under the Alternative Pathway if your course isn’t on the list, but it will not count as a full semester’s worth of credit towards Part I of a BE(Hons).

If there are more than 30 eligible applicants, they will be ranked according to their Semester One GPA. Consideration will not bve given to school results or ranked scores achieved in Year 12 and 13.

Offers will be confirmed after course results are released at the end of Semester One.

Students seeking Semester Two 2019 admission must apply online by 1 July 2019.

Further conditions for admission into Semester Two  

If admitted to the BE(Hons) in Semester Two, you will be expected to enrol in the following courses:

  • CHEMMAT 121 – Materials Science
  • ELECTENG 101 – Electrical and Digital Systems
  • ENGGEN 115 – Principles of Engineering Design
  • ENGGEN 131 – Introduction to Engineering Computation and Software Development

Admission following a full year in the Bachelor of Science (BSc)

There’s still an opportunity to transfer into Part I of the BE(Hons) if you’ve failed to secure one of the places available in Semester Two. You may be considered eligible after the following:

  • Undertaking a full year, with a minimum of 100 points, of the BSc
  • Maintaining a minimum GPA of 5.0 throughout the full academic year
  • Gaining at least a B in the appropriate Mathematics and Physics courses. If you do not meet the grade requirement in these courses in Semester One, you should enrol in them in Semester Two:
    • Those who enrolled in PHYSICS 120/160 in Semester One will be required to enrol in PHYSICS 121 in Semester Two.
    • Those who enrolled in PHYSICS 121 in Semester One will be required to enrol in PHYSICS 160 in Semester Two.
    • MATHS 208 is acceptable for students who have passed MATHS 108/150 with a grade lower than a B.

Offers remain subject to the availability of places and are only confirmed once all school leaver applications have been considered.


You will only be permitted to credit your entire Semester One BSc enrolment towards Part I of your BE(Hons) if you’ve been offered a place in Semester Two. This is also dependent on your previous enrolment containing all courses, including General Education, from the approved schedule for the BE(Hons) and BSc.

You may be able to transfer some of your BSc credit if offered a place in Part I in Semester One, but in most cases, study would be at the BE(Hons) Part I level.

A minimum B grade, and a B+ in MATHS 108, is required in any relevant course for the stated substitution/credit to be formally approved.