Postgraduate Engineering possibilities

Find out how postgraduate study can increase your employability and give you a technical edge.

Our world has evolved in the last couple years, forcing us to navigate through an unexpected change to everyday life. With loss of jobs, creation of new technologies and a focus on automation, it’s got us all wondering what will happen to the workforce post-pandemic? There’s no doubt it’s been a challenging time for employees and businesses with Covid-19 causing disruptions to the way we operate. This period of change has only highlighted the importance of upskilling and further study to keep up with the demands and needs of the future.

As we continue to move forward with technology at the forefront, we need engineers who are innovative, passionate about solving global challenges, and want to create positive change. Engineers who can create better power and transportation systems, improve health outcomes through new medical inventions, and find solutions to utilise natural resources in sustainable ways. The opportunities are endless, and you could contribute to a new and improved future.

If you are inquisitive, intellectually curious and love solving problems, gaining an edge in engineering could be an exciting next step for you. Consider postgraduate study with us to gain relevant skills and knowledge that will increase your employability in tomorrow’s workforce.

Not sure which programme is right for you? 

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Why Postgraduate Engineering?

If you have an undergraduate degree with work experience under your belt, a postgraduate degree is a great way to upskill without committing to a four-year programme. Postgraduate study will put you in a valuable position in a market that is already competitive, and our programmes will give you the technical and soft skills desired by businesses.

What can you study?

With a variety of specialisations alongside qualifications from certificate to doctoral level, we have a range of programmes for you to choose from. Our certificate programmes can help you build a foundation for postgraduate study, especially if you are coming from a non-engineering background. If you have an engineering background, our Masters programmes allow you to specialise in an area and can prepare you to pursue management roles.

Some of our programmes also have a part-time study option available so you can easily workaround other commitments.