Kayla Fairbairn

Kayla Fairbairn is studying a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Chemical and Materials Engineering and a Bachelor of Commerce.

“All throughout high school I loved mathematics and the sciences, and took them as subjects all the way through to Year 13. I initially considered other options of study, but after attending the Courses and Careers Open Day, I knew that engineering was the right choice for me. In particular, I love that the knowledge that we learn in our courses is highly applicable to the world around us. It makes you realise that it really is possible to do something meaningful and make a difference with your career path.

“When I entered Part I Engineering, I had no experience with coding and was very nervous for the Software paper which all Part I students take in their first year. Despite this, the paper was one of my favourite papers that year! It was incredibly interesting to learn about coding and binary, and despite never having done it before, I really enjoyed the course. Whilst coding is not the primary focus of my degree in Chemical Engineering, it was so cool to have taken that paper and to now know substantially more about the fundamentals of the coding world.

“I currently am not entirely certain where engineering will take me, but I know that the degree will set me up for no matter what direction I choose. Engineering is such a versatile degree, as it equips you with problem solve skills which most industries value very highly.

“The University of Auckland has so many great facilities and clubs. I have thoroughly enjoyed being more involved with university life this year, and am a member of the Squash Club, the Engineering Society and the Food Appreciation Society, to name a few! There is such a wide range of interesting clubs and sports available, all of which are great opportunities to make new friends and get involved in heaps of fun activities!

“I love Faculty of Engineering as a whole, because it provides such an amazing culture for learning. Everyone in engineering is incredible friendly, and I have noticed particularly in my Chemical Engineering course this year that everyone is so supportive of each other. It is an incredible learning environment, working among peers who all want to make the most of university and achieve highly in their studies.

“I particularly love the Auckland University Engineering Society (AUES), which is a club for all engineering students. It is such an amazing group to be a part of, and I have made so many new friends in engineering through it. In particular I have really enjoyed all of the events that they hold for students, including steins, Round the Bays, the Engineering Ball and many more.”