Kadek Sumaja

Kadek's work in meteorology was based in Indonesia, but decided to pursue a Master of Disaster Management to serve his career and country better.

"The Master of Disaster Management gives me a high level of critical analysis, knowledge synthesis and problem-solving. Indonesia’s economic development has suffered over the years due to natural disasters, making this a very important field.

"I’m gaining the skills required for quick disaster response, which is a serious concern for stakeholders establishing businesses in many nations – investors worldwide, for example, are paying attention and trusting people with the ability to manage disasters. Also, tourists will be more inclined to visit a country if they feel safe to travel. My knowledge has an influence in improving the economic sector.

"I work as a meteorologist at the Indonesian Agency for Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics alongside other stakeholders, such as Search and Rescue, firefighters, and airlines to confront disasters. We're responsible for providing the aviation weather services to airlines to maintain the safety, regularity, and efficiency of air navigation, so teamwork and communication are important skills to have.

"My studies have taught me interpersonal skills in a complex sector that involves many disciplines – I’ve learned about teamwork management and effective communication, not just through lectures, but also seminars, workshops, seminars, and events run by professionals from related fields. The University has provided me a lot of opportunities as a student in terms of professional engagement."