Misha Garg

Misha is using science and engineering to improve human health while leading the way in STEM representation with the Women’s Engineering Network.

“I’ve always been interested in biology and physics but never really chemistry. I wanted to know how the human body worked and maybe how I could help improve it, using science and engineering. Because of this, coming into university I always knew I wanted to pursue Biomedical Engineering.

“Engineering feels like a family. All the academic staff and advisers are there to support you – they’re all so lovely and helpful. If you want a chance to prove your leadership skills, or are struggling with academia, chances are the faculty will be able to give you the opportunity or help you need.

“I enjoy being a part of the Women in Engineering Network (WEN) leadership team. I feel a sense of achievement to see what we’ve accomplished this year, especially when it comes to the quality of the events we’ve hosted. WEN has definitely made a great impact this year, and I’m glad to be part of something that helps fellow female engineering students.

“During my degree, I’ve had the opportunity to go on exchange to the University of California. It was honestly the best four months of my life – I feel like I’ve become a more adventurous, open-minded, and independent person because of it. I would recommend it to anyone studying at the University of Auckland.

“I hope to pursue a masters degree following my undergraduate studies, and perhaps work for a big medical devices company overseas. If I get inspired, maybe I’ll be tempted to try my hand at my own startup!”