Nicholas Kondal

Self-proclaimed "STEM fanatic" Nicholas has always known he wants to pursue a BE(Hons) in Biomedical Engineering.

“I’ve been a STEM fanatic my entire life, so my mind and heart were set on Biomedical Engineering even before I set foot on campus. It was the most intellectually fascinating subject I had ever come across. I saw it as a testament to a life of continuous learning for the betterment of humanity, melding the human body and machine together to not only improve the lives of millions across the world but also to transcend our physical and biological capabilities with mind-bending technologies. Who doesn’t want to be a part of that?

“What I love about this specialisation is getting to take courses from various disciplines, from neurobiology and programming to materials chemistry and computer graphics. For a long time, I thought Biomedical Engineering was going to lead me into building medical devices or prosthetics but it’s a lot more than that. I get to integrate seemingly unrelated concepts in new and exciting ways. I've learned that there’s a whole host of ‘sub-specialisations’ within the specialisation itself.

“Engineering here is widely known for its family-like environment, and you will never feel alone when you can make friends at hundreds of student-run clubs. There is also personalised support from caring staff, and the students want to see each other succeed at university and beyond. Our lecturers provide valuable study resources and they are always happy to answer any questions.

“The opportunities here helped me unleash my potential, and I feel empowered to make a difference. The University has one of the best entrepreneurial environments in the world, including its own maker space free for anyone to use, so who knows what’s possible even before I graduate!”