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Elham Bahmanteymouri 

Elham has qualifications in urban and regional planning and design as well as urban economics. She is an urban planner and urban economist with 16 years professional experience. Elham’s research is primarily focused on urban planning economics, economic of incomplete markets, planning theory, political economy of space and behavioural economy. She has particular expertise in the provision of urban growth management policies and the economic assessment of housing and urban development policies. Additionally, she investigates the causes and consequences of the failures of the planning policies. Through deployment of a Lacanian (post-)Marxist approach, her recent research is concerned with an understanding of urban phenomena, and suggesting better solutions to urban problems such as housing unaffordability and uneven urban development.

Research interests: Urban Land Economics, Urban Growth Management and Housing Policies, Planning Theory, Logic-Based Analysis of Planning Practices, Economics of Incomplete Markets, The Experience Economy, Smart and Sharing Economy, Pedagogy of Planning Discipline.

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Michael Davis

Mike's research is practice based. It operates in two modes: in design projects where knowledge is embedded in drawn, modelled and built form; and in text which often reflects upon the projects to explicate the embedded knowledge. His principle focus falls on relations between architectural media, composition and fabrication.

Mike holds a PhD from RMIT, Melbourne and a Master of Architecture in Architecture and Urbanism from the Architectural Association, London.

Research interests: Architectural media, composition and fabrication; ‘Live’ project pedagogy; Academy-profession-market relations; Housing; Design research in architecture.

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