Heritage Conservation


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  3. Below are the courses offered in Heritage Conservation

MHerCons - Built Heritage Elective Courses:

As part of MHerCons - Built Heritage, students take electives as well as the core HERCONS courses. The elective can be chosen from a range of subjects and courses, including:

You can view full information about the elective options available in the MHerCons - Built Heritage in the University Calendar regulations schedule. 


HERCONS 700 - Heritage Processes

  • Course prescription: Examines heritage conservation legislation, policy, guidelines and processes. Includes international context as well as New Zealand laws and processes.
  • Semester availability: Semester One 
  • Restriction: ARCHGEN 750
  • Points: 15

HERCONS 701 - Heritage Assessment and Conservation Planning

  • Course prescription: Examines the assessment of cultural heritage value and the use and preparation of conservation plans to guide heritage conservation work. Coursework comprises the researching and writing of a conservation plan.
  • Semester availability: Semester One
  • Restriction: ARCHGEN 751
  • Points: 15

HERCONS 702 - Conservation of Materials

  • Course prescription: Examines the theory and practice of conserving materials commonly found in heritage buildings and artefacts, including stone, brick, timber, concrete and steel.
  • Semester availability: Semester One 
  • Restriction: ARCHGEN 752
  • Points: 15

HERCONS 703 - Diagnosis and Adaptation

  • Course prescription: Examines the investigation of existing building fabric, diagnosis of issues impacting upon the state of repair or the level of comfort, and the adaptation of heritage buildings, including strengthening, energy upgrading, reuse and the design of additions and alterations.
  • Semester availability: Semester One 
  • Restriction: ARCHGEN 753
  • Points: 15

HERCONS 790 - Research Project

  • Course prescription: A research project in the field of heritage conversation which may include an internship. Placements and topics to be approved by the Head of School of Architecture and Planning.
  • Semester availability: Semester One and Two 
  • Prerequisite: ARCHGEN 750, 751 or HERCONS 700, 701
  • Restriction: ARCHGEN 754
  • Points: 30