Gabrielle Maffey

Gabrielle says that architecture builds confidence.

Gabrielle Maffey, Bachelor of Architectural Studies

“I am a creative person, and I wanted a career which was creatively driven. I took mostly arts and humanities subjects at school and was worried because I hadn’t done maths or physics, but both kinds of people belong in architecture.

“I’ve been able to use the faculty workshops, kilns and printing presses to help create work in different media. Architecture has always been about drawing and making things by hand. Human craft is so intrinsic to us, and it’s helped me understand architecture and how a good idea is executed.

“I was part of the Alpine tour last year to Austria and Switzerland and got to see such an amazing breadth of historical and contemporary architecture.

“Architecture builds confidence. I could never have anticipated how engaging the degree would be. You get space to do your own thing and guidance to do it well.”