Jade Boyle

Master of Architecture (Professional) student Jade Boyle found that her love of various high school subjects suited the multifaceted nature of studying Architecture.

Jade working in studio
Jade Boyle

Why study Architecture?

“From a young age, I always loved designing buildings. I would even spend my spare time designing houses on SketchUp in the summer holidays. I struggled in high school when it came to deciding my future career, as I loved such an array of subjects. After a year at law school, I realised that architecture was always on my mind. That’s when I took the brave leap to study Architecture!

“It is never too late to do what you love. Life isn’t linear, and university is there to allow you to pursue opportunities at any age. The funny thing is, my love of multiple subjects at school was perfect for architecture, as there are so many facets to it.

“What I love about architecture is the many avenues to explore within it. The opportunity to explore and understand perspectives beyond my own and creatively express them provides so much richness and joy.”


“The thing I most enjoy about my degree is the community. We are blessed with such an amazing studio space that allows you to build strong relationships with your teachers and peers.

“Being able to have discussions with my friends in studio and bounce ideas off each other has really strengthened my architectural knowledge and allowed me to make lifelong friends!

“We are also extremely lucky to have phenomenal staff who are invested in our success. They are always happy to have a yarn about your thesis when you get in a rut.”

Doing the Master of Architecture (Professional) allowed me to pursue and explore the elements of architecture that I am passionate about.

Jade Boyle

“The freedom to dig deep into theory and explore materiality enabled me to continually build upon the knowledge I gained in my Bachelor of Architectural Studies.”

Internship experience

“I am currently interning at Isthmus, a multi-disciplinary studio. I am working with not only architects, but also landscape architects, urban designers, planners and graphic designers. It has been a fantastic experience! I am very blessed to be interning at a firm that is invested in community. I have helped on projects throughout Auckland, from learning about our native flora and fauna to façade design on large-scale projects."

Advice for postgraduate study

“My advice to anyone wanting to study at postgraduate level is to come have a conversation with the current thesis students. Look into what you can explore in your thesis by exploring past student work. The Master of Architecture (Professional) allows you to really delve into something you are passionate about, garner architectural knowledge and express it in a way that represents you.”

When not at University or interning, Jade can be found dancing or cooking for a potluck with friends. She says that, contrary to popular belief, there is a way to balance work and play in architecture, especially as a post-graduate student.

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