Mark Meyers

Bachelor of Architectural Studies student Mark Meyers completed his studies with a Summer Research Scholarship project about Pacific Wellbeing and Housing.

Mark Meyers stands in front of a wooden staircase
Mark Meyers

Why Architecture?

“I chose to study the Bachelor of Architectural Studies because I had always been fascinated with the built environment and wanted to explore architectural design and media.”

“Undertaking undergraduate study in Architecture led to a passion for comprehending intangible practices through tangible forms, especially Pasefika stories and expressions.”

What did you most enjoy about your degree?

“I enjoyed the freedom of thought encouraged by the academic staff and learning to be self-critical, which aided my ability to communicate my ideas.”

Where to next?

“I am planning to pursue postgraduate studies in Architecture.”

Tell us about your Summer Research Scholarship project: Pacific Wellbeing and Housing

“The Summer Research Scholarship allowed me to participate in a project led by Dr Charmaine ‘Ilaiū Talei. The project seeks to understand the attributes of the health and wellbeing of Pacific housing.”

“The project provided me an opportunity to be a research assistant, which involved carrying out literature reviews, writing an annotated bibliography and engaging with community surveys.”

A highlight of the project was connecting with various communities and conducting surveys alongside the research team, which was a new experience for me.

Mark Meyers

“Working alongside my supervisor, Dr Charmaine ‘Ilaiū Talei, Senior Lecturer at Te Pare School of Architecture and Planning was a privilege. Her guidance and immeasurable support on this project and various other opportunities demonstrated a genuine concern through multiple interactions, a takeaway I am constantly reminded of.”

What did you learn from the experience?

“The opportunity to participate in this project broadened my perspective on careers within architecture. This exposure gave me insight into academic research as a career and an understanding of how researchers can provide tangible outcomes and contribute to society.”