Matilda Phillips

Architecture and urban design are the perfect complement for one another, says combined Master of Architecture (Professional) and Urban Design student Matilda Phillips.

Matilda Phillips
Matilda Phillips

“Architecture and urban design engage really well with each other. Architecture looks at the design of an individual built object and how it interacts with its immediate surroundings, while urban design takes a step back and designs the way the built form relates to its greater context and public space.

“Not much attention is being paid to architecture in the Pacific, which is why we are seeing poorly designed buildings (the majority of which are aid buildings) being built. These buildings are shaping our urban environment and are completely removed from their context.

“My research looks into Pacific regionalism, and lack thereof, analysing both the individual buildings and the urban context and history.

“I hope to come up with a ‘type’ of architectural form that will take into consideration its whole context and provide a first step towards an appropriate regionalist style for the Pacific.

“Through this project, I will be able to give something tangible back to my parents, who sacrifice for me to be here, and to my homeland (Samoa) that will contribute to the preservation of our culture and enhance appreciation of our architectural history and built environment.

“The studio environment at the University allows me to work alongside and learn from other brilliant students.

“Architecture is demanding and requires a high level of commitment so the environment we spend most of our time in needs to be healthy and enjoyable.

“ The facilities are a fantastic asset and the teaching staff are very approachable, always willing to help and play a big part in creating the quality of the course.”