We are invested in understanding how things work, allowing the development of new products and addressing the most important topics in the field of Chemical and Materials Engineering.

Research areas

Advanced and nano-materials research

Research activities cover a wide area consisting mainly of metallic materials, coatings and composites, advanced electronic and nano-structured materials, and high temperature process engineering and materials. Learn more.

Energy and environment

Research focused in the areas of oil and gas processing, thermal management using phase change energy storage, biodiesel and bioethanol, thermal management of aluminium smelters, clean technologies and industrial waste treatment. Learn more.

Food and bioproduct processing

With a strong collaboration with the Food Science Group in the School of Chemical Sciences, we aim to develop value-added food products and new, cost-effective food processing technologies. Learn more.

Magnesium research

The Magnesium Research Group collaborates with the Light Metal Research Centre and overseas universities to focus on magnesium alloy research and creating NZ business potential. Learn more.

Separation and reaction engineering

Combining advanced chemical and materials engineering and science allows us to work towards developing and characterising world-leading innovative processes, with sustainable and environmental application. Learn more.

Surface and materials science

The Research Centre for Surface and Materials Science (RCSMS) is unique in materials science and engineering in NZ, specialising in materials characterisation from the very near surface to the bulk of the material. Learn more.

Research facilities

Advanced and Nano Materials Research Centre

The centre has a wide range of materials processing and characterisation facilities and capabilities, some of which are one of a kind in the country. Learn more.

Industrial Information and Control Centre (I²C²)

The centre manages state of the art equipment in order to support research involving materials characterisation from the very near surface to the bulk of the material. Learn more.

Light Metals Research Centre

A globally-recognised centre for light metals research, development and training, with a particularly strong involvement in a prestigious University of Auckland programme targeted at those wishing to pursue leadership roles in this industry. Learn more.

Nano-mechanical Research Laboratory

The laboratory hosts cutting edge equipment in the field of nano and microscale indentation. Learn more.

Research Centre for Surface and Materials Science

The centre manages advanced-level equipment to support research in materials characterisation, from the very near surface to the bulk of the material. Learn more.